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  ninky4 15:08 14 Dec 2003

Can anyone please help. a friend has offered to come on my computer to fix a problem but when windows was installed they spelt the surname wrong by one letter so it is not the same as my email and it will not let him on, how do I go about changing the name or would it help to make another email name using the one they registered. Thanks

  AndyJ 16:14 14 Dec 2003

How are you trying to get the assistance - via Messenger or email ?

Messenger is the simplest way. Remember that if you're using a dial-up connection then Remote Assistance depends on your IP address, so if you disconnect after sending the request and then reconnect you'll probably have a different IP address - so they won't be able to connect. It also has a time limit to enable connection (I think it's about 10 minutes). In other words, arrange a time so that the person will receive the request straight away. If you're using broadband with a fixed IP address then this won't be a problem.

I'm not too sure what "name" you're talking about. Is it the PC's name or the User Account name ?

What error messages are appearing (at either end) ?

  powerless 16:29 14 Dec 2003

Change Registered name click here

  ninky4 10:21 15 Dec 2003

Thanks Powerless but I am using XP so will it still work the same as it says it is for 95 and 98 Thank you or trying to help. I am using Broaband and the error at the other end is "name of host cannot be coverted"

  AndyJ 13:19 15 Dec 2003

If you're using a firewall then TCP/IP port 3389 must be open. Going through a router can also cause problems.

The "no of hops" can also cause the same affect.

I take it you're trying through email; I think you may find if you go through Messenger the problem will disappear. Worth a try.

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