Remote Access to Another PC

  Conny 23:02 02 Feb 2005

Friend of mine has a bucketful of spyware on her PC and it is unbelieveably slow.. Is there any way I can download spycatcher programs to here PC from mine? Otherwise it means going to hers and sitting there for hours while I download a cleaner. If I can do it from here I can do something else on my other PC whilst keeping an eye on the downloading. Both O/S are XP Pro. How do I use the 'Remote Connection' if this is possible?
Thanks in anticipation.

  Night Ryder 23:39 02 Feb 2005

Here's the way I deal with this problem. I download updates to my computer at work which has a fast connection and burn these to a CD.
I thake the CD home and install these large files to my home computer.

Hope this helps.

  Conny 23:59 02 Feb 2005

Can I 'burn' a copy of the program I use onto a cd? If so, how? Thanks.

  Conny 18:12 03 Feb 2005

Bring this back to the top in case someone else can advise.

  TomG 18:47 03 Feb 2005

Have a look in the computer section of your local newsagent - Most of them have disks with free spyware detectors on them

  Technotiger 18:50 03 Feb 2005

Hi, to access Remote Connection, go to Start>AllPrograms>Accessories>Communications>RemoteDesktopConnection


  Conny 22:48 03 Feb 2005

I should make myself more clear.
I can call up the 'Remote' program but having looked on the microsoft help site it appears I have to somehow 'network' to this other PC. As each PC has a unique IP number do I need to find out the one for this other PC and if so how do I do it? I need simple laymans terms please if anyone can help.

  Colinp 22:55 03 Feb 2005

My brother and I both use MSN Messenger and under "Actions", there is "Ask for remote Assistance". Assuming you both use MSN Messenger, your friend should be able to take control of her computer.


  Colinp 22:57 03 Feb 2005

sorry, your friend should be able to take control of her computer, should read, you should be able to take control of her computer.

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