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  ned3110 10:57 12 Jul 2008


Just wondering if anyone had suggestions for remote software apps. I would like to be able to help people remotely and want a good app to do so.


  Forum Editor 14:23 12 Jul 2008

is that they need to be installed on the remote machine as well as your own, so when you say "I would like to be able to help people remotely" I'm wondering just what you mean.

If you mean that you want to run a commercial venture offering remote computer problem solving you'll need to use a custom designed software solution - one that works by downloading a small applet to the client's machine and enables you to take control of the remote desktop. There are some pretty sophisticated software solutions available, some of them include automatic queuing systems for waiting customers.

Take a look at this, but be warned - you'll have to pay around £700 a year in advance.

click here

If your customers are running Windows XP or Vista you can of course use the built-in remote support faciliity.

  ned3110 17:28 12 Jul 2008


yeah, I've seen some of the prices and there not cheap. Maybe it would be worth going down that route if there was enough demand.

how do you rate the built-in remote support?

  ajm 22:37 12 Jul 2008

Have a look here click here - its currently free

Latest email I received from them:
". We are continuing this popular free beta until later this year. However, beta users like yourself have asked us how GoToAssist Express will be priced once the free beta ends. For your future planning, we wanted to give you this information now.

After the free beta, GoToAssist Express will be priced as follows:
• Monthly Plan: $69 per month
• Annual Plan: $660 per year (Save 20% off the Monthly Plan!)
• Day Pass: $9.95 per 24-hour period
Plus, everyone (including beta testers) will be eligible for a 30-day free trial.

Beta users will receive a 30% discount – that's just $48 a month or $462 a year – as our thanks for your feedback and help making this beta so successful.

Again, GoToAssist Express is still absolutely free for now, and these prices will not apply until the official launch of GoToAssist Express later this year. We will give you plenty of advance notice before we end the beta and start to charge for GoToAssist Express.

All plans will include:
• Unlimited product usage
• One-click session entry and remote diagnostics
• Live Chat and file transfer
• Session reporting (tracks billable hours)
• 24/7 support and unlimited product upgrades
Monthly and Annual Plans will include the ability to set up Unattended Support on an unlimited number of client computers. Day Passes do not include Unattended Support capability.

We expect to release GoToAssist Express later this year and we will send you another email notifying you of the final launch date. That email will include information on how to you can try and buy GoToAssist Express 1.0 and receive your discount. "

  Forum Editor 23:21 12 Jul 2008

I presume you mean the Windows remote assistance facility, and if you do, I think it's pretty good. It allows you to take control of the remote machine's desktop, and to amend settings etc., with the consent of the remote user.

Why not give it a try?

  ned3110 10:22 13 Jul 2008

Thanks for all your help, its been great.

  jtt 14:16 19 Jul 2008

"If your customers are running Windows XP or Vista you can of course use the built-in remote support facility."

I've got a feeling that for XP, the PC being remotely controlled has to have XP Pro, not XP Home. In many business cases, this will be so, but for very small businesses, you might find that they have XP Home. I'm not sure about Vista, but suspect it's the same (ie must be Business or Ultimate, not Basic or Premium).

Could someone confirm this?

  Forum Editor 10:56 20 Jul 2008

All versions of Windows XP have remote support technology, although in XP Home edition you need to be running in the 'owner' account.

All versions of Vista from Home premium up have remote support technology.

  jtt 13:50 21 Jul 2008

Thanks for that FE. I think I was confusing Remote Assistance with Remote Desktop.

  silverous 22:29 25 Jul 2008

I think you are far better off with a third party remote support tool than the built in ones as often the 3rd party tools will work via firewalls and things whereas the built in tools will often require you to do some configuration at the remote end. The best tools, if you aren't always connecting to machines you have previously had access to, are the ones that allow an email to be sent with a link and when the recipient clicks on the link you have access to support them. Those tools typically aren't cheap though.

Webex, GoToAssist (part of CitrixOnline) and LogMeIn seem to be the popular contenders.

  ned3110 09:19 26 Jul 2008

Thanks for all your input

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