Reminder program

  please help 17:01 30 Oct 2003

Can someone point me to a free program that will pop up any message I choose, onto the desktop, whenever my computer is on, between two dates and times that I choose?

  Pesala 17:06 30 Oct 2003

This program is built-in to all versions of Windows as far as I know.

You can create a task to run notepad with a text document. I used to use it to display a TODO list and configured it to display at bootup for three minutes.

You could also use it to display a graphic image in Windows Paint or Irfan View, or even - heaven forbid - open a Voice Recorder message.

  please help 21:19 30 Oct 2003

How can I do this?

  VoG II 21:27 30 Oct 2003

TRy this instead it's more fun click here

  The Spires 22:34 30 Oct 2003
  Taran 22:38 30 Oct 2003

Outlook, if you have it, has an excellent appointments and events manager where you can enter your information in and it will remind you of what, why and when you should be attending.

That's the beauty of a calendar/diary, contacts list, scheduler and all kinds of other nice things under the same roof. Oh, it can send and receive emails as well...



  VoG II 22:43 30 Oct 2003

Why do I always miss the obvious? :o(

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