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Remembering passwords

  zoobie 02:50 22 May 2010

I think I must have cleared something by accident...I'm trying to get back auto username and password settings so I don't have to type them in constantly. Where did I goof?

Running IE8

  zoobie 20:36 26 May 2010

I really don't want another ap since Xp usually works fine. However, I've still noticed when I login to ebay, it doesn't remember me at all. Why would that be? Do I need to delete all auto-completes first?

  zoobie 21:26 26 May 2010

not remembered me just fine...all I had to do was double click in the form box and select my then filled in the password for me

I wonder if I need to delete all auto-completes?

  Daiol 14:49 28 May 2010

Roboform is brilliant,Only one hitch was it dont work with google chrome.
Go for it.

  zoobie 18:21 28 May 2010

it's working now again...I think you have to allow the page to fully load before it works...thanks all

  northumbria61 22:45 28 May 2010

Dark Mantis

Roboform sounds brilliant but one thing springs to mind, what would happen if you had a hard drive crash or similar where Roboform was located? You would lose all your passwords to all your sites.

If your hard drive crashed you wouldn't just lose Roboform you would lose EVERYTHING - which is why I would always recommend making a backup of your hard drive - I couldn't sleep at night without having a backup of all my valuable data.

  mimosa418 14:08 02 Jun 2010

Roboform is fine but you may find this
click here
a more versatile alternative

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