remaining signed in to GMX e-mail

  Markito 12:03 25 Jun 2012

I recently experienced a problem with that they have been unable to answer. Suddenly I got blocked out of signing in, even though my default setting was to stay signed in. (My email address is "[email protected]"

I then went to and was able to sign in and remain signed in without any problem!

I am now scared to log out of in case I get blocked and am unable to sign in again.

Does anyone have an opinion about whether I will get blocked?

I should add that I appear to have been blocked from simply due to uninstalling Firefox 13 - without saving passwords etc - and doing a clean reinstall.

Many thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 12:54 25 Jun 2012

If you are in UK shouldn't you be signing in with anyway? I can't see any reason why you should have been blocked simply because you uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox but I could be wrong. I use Firefox 13 and GMX but log-in using - if I were to use it defaults to anyway. You may find that things have returned to how they were - but there is only one way to find out!

  lotvic 13:14 25 Jun 2012

I would think it'll be down to the Cookie and settings stored on your pc. Make sure you have gmx cookie saved so it doesn't get deleted. I also use but have chosen to sign in each time I visit Server (usually I just collect with OE on this pc)

I know when I clear my cookies I have to re-sign in again on pca forum. Have now got it set to not clear pca cookies when I close browser so I am automatically kept signed in unless I manually clear all cookies.

  Markito 14:17 25 Jun 2012

In fact, I am British but currently in Spain. So I registered with

I was only worried that I might not be able to sign back in to if I log out, since says I appear to be blocked - for no reason they know of. For the sake of security, I would prefer to log out each time. So assuming this is a cookie question, are the two separate or will I be blocked from once I log off?

  Markito 14:30 25 Jun 2012

I just bit the bullet and logged off. On logging on again, there was no problem. I simply had to sign in and either remain signed in or not. So there just seems to be a glitch for me with

Could it be as simple as this: If I'm signed in with uk, I can't also sign in with .com since I can't theoretically be in two places at once?

  northumbria61 16:38 25 Jun 2012

Could it be as simple as this: Yes I think it could be. I have spoken to Insurance companies in the past when I have had a problem with an online account and have been told that I would have to log-off because they couldn't do anything with my account whilst I was logged-in.

It doesn't always happen but it does appear that theoretically you can't be in two places at once?

  Markito 17:26 25 Jun 2012

Thank you Northumbria61.

I've put the matter back to . They're scratching their heads about it, but say it's never happened before.

I'll leave it at that in this forum and I'd like to thank you and the others for your advice.


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