Reluctant flash drive.

  jack 08:44 28 Oct 2004

having got my self one of these my cumputer does not want to know it is plugged in [XP Pro]
A dud drive?
Took it to my mate [Win2000] his machine welcomed it aboard and told us there was 499 Mb available.
Another Mate [98SE] knew it was there and asked for the driver.
Back home - Nothing. does not know it is there,
Unplugged all other devices from hub.
Still nothing.
Any ideas

  captain birdseye 09:01 28 Oct 2004

Have you tried plugging it directly into the usb socket on your computer rather than via a hub....I remember having a similar problem in the past with a card reader.

  Audeal 09:17 28 Oct 2004

Take it back to your friend and check the format type is the same as your computer. If it is not the same ( Fat32 or NTFS ) then reformat it to the same as your system. I have had a problem with my drive changing to the RAW system which is not supported by windows.

  jack 12:15 28 Oct 2004

Thanx chaps
Cracked it
It did not like the hub or vickky verka
Anyway swapping some leads around so that it plugs direct cured it.
I now have to check that printer formerly plugged direct but now in the hub will work .
Ah me! All the pluggin troubles we have.

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