reloading win2000 all boot sequences set to none

  the mole 08:17 16 Jan 2004

Can anyone please help - I have tried reloading windows 2000 but it obviously didn't load the drivers. I then inadvertantly set all the boot sequences to NONE (silly me) now its asking for a System Disk

Is there anything I can do to get into the BIOS and reset the boot sequences to boot from CD.

This is most urgent please.

The Mole

  Jester2K 08:29 16 Jan 2004

Start the PC and then when text first appears start taping DELETE on the keyboard. If that fails post back.

  the mole 09:31 16 Jan 2004

Thanks for that that allowed me to enter the Bios.
Now I get an error:

STOP: c000026c {unable to load Device Driver}
\SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\Kbclass.SYS device driver could not be loaded
Error status was 0c000012f

Any ideas please even how I get to start reloading again?

I have tried booting from CD but that doesn't seem to work.

The Mole

  MichelleC 11:41 16 Jan 2004

Did you set the 1st boot device as cdrom (in advanced settings)?

Then boot from w2k disc then choose install, then choose install again, then choose repair. This will reinstall (is that what you mean by reload?) os over itself but leave data intact. You'll have to sort out any driver conflicts again and update w2k sp's again.

or if you can get into safemode or command prompt you can sort out the dodgy driver.

  the mole 21:43 16 Jan 2004

I managed to get into BIOS by running win98 but still cannot run w2k I think the hard disk has been corrupted by virus or something. It will not load anything completely even afte fdisk and format with win98.

Is there a limited to how many times you can use the same CD to load an OS?

  MichelleC 09:10 17 Jan 2004

Is there a limited to how many times you can use the same CD to load an OS?

Only with xp - w2k and 98 has no limit.

If you've set the bios to boot from w2k disc you can install os (or maybe on another partition).

  Raywood 10:08 17 Jan 2004

How do you mean boot sequence 'None'?

Are you talking about Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary Slave?

Put the settings for these as Type: Auto and Mode: LBA. What are the results.

If you want to boot from CD you will need the sequence CDROM, C, A.

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