Reliable/safe source for free fonts?

  stlucia2 21:37 26 Dec 2013

My CorelDraw reports that for one of my files the Gill Sans-Bold (Western) font is missing. It replaces it automatically, but it's not what I want so I tried to re-install the Gill font from the internet. I chose a site that was close to the top of the Google search result -- -- and went through the download process. All I seem to have got is YAC (Yet Another Cleaner), which seems to be either a malaware or a scareware. It was a £$%^& to uninstall, for its uninstall screen had buttons and options with no text to say what they were for. Anyway, with more help from Google I've got rid of it.

So, can someone help me with a reliable and safe source for Gill Sans-Bold (Western) font, please -- preferably free?

  rdave13 22:04 26 Dec 2013

Seems the copyright for this font is stopping free downloads.

  BRYNIT 22:53 26 Dec 2013

Don't know much about fonts but found this site CLICK HERE or HERE hopefully its the correct font.

  rdave13 22:55 26 Dec 2013

BRYNIT, fair try.

  Woolwell 22:57 26 Dec 2013

As rdave13 has stated I think that it is blocked for free use. You can pay for it but it is not cheap

  Woolwell 22:58 26 Dec 2013

Alternatively go for BRYNIT's links.

  rdave13 23:24 26 Dec 2013

Woolwell , wouldn't do that, checked them out earlier.

  BRYNIT 23:50 26 Dec 2013

rdave13 I'm confused you said to Woolwell suggestion "wouldn't do that, checked them out earlier". I could find nothing wrong with the sites. If it's the correct font both had link to download the font without problems, I tried them myself.

  rdave13 00:07 27 Dec 2013

BRYNIT, then I apologise. If you have the fonts installed without the crud then you are quite right to recommend them.

  stlucia2 08:54 27 Dec 2013

Thanks for the replies.

Your second link, BRYNIT, is for the same site that caused me trouble. The first one looks very similar to the ufonts site when I click on the download button -- similar wording and layout, so I didn't proceed.

I must have the font somewhere on one of my program installation disks, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use it in the first place. So it seems my best bet will be to find the original disks for the half-dozen-or-so graphics packages I have on my PC, and see if I can find it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:48 27 Dec 2013

I have been able to download and install, successfully and free from here, tiny download link near bottom of page.

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