Reliable NEW laptop wanted. Please recommend.

  geordielad307 17:24 26 Oct 2004

OK folks, told you I would be back with another question soon. LOL.

As regular readers will already be aware, I am in Germany and am fed up with my German O/S Medion laptop. The laptop is great but my German isn't.!!!

I am coming to the UK before Xmas, and REALLY need to buy a RELIABLE laptop without the "trimmings". I only use it for share trading and buying and selling on the likes of EBay. A decent hard-disc and 512 memory will suffice for my needs. Anything else would be a plus.

7oo quid or so is tops. Which brands and companies do I avoid. ? Which would give me a decent after sales service.?

Accept I am asking a lot, but give it your best shot if you will. Regards, Geordielad. Thanks,

  crocodile36 17:32 26 Oct 2004

Wouldn't it be better to simply buy an English language OS and replace you present one?

I assume that this is possible.

  joseph K 18:33 26 Oct 2004

I used to have a Dell, it took one heck of a bashing until it finally gave out (screen death). Therefore that's what I would tend to recommend from experience.

  Sir Radfordin 18:57 26 Oct 2004

Dell, Sony, Acer are all good makes in my experience though you may have to pay a premium for the quality.

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