Reliable low cost broadband ISP

  anchor 10:10 08 May 2006

The telephone exchange in Wales, where my cousin lives, has now been setup for broadband.

He want to choose a reliable, (and lowish cost), broadband ISP. He does NOT want cable, or a deal that includes cheap or free phone calls. He would be content with a 1Mb connection.

What would members suggest.

  Totally-braindead 10:22 08 May 2006

All info available here click here I'm with Tiscali £12.99 1mb unlimited. Connection perfect but the customer service is poor in my opinion.

You can't go wrong with £17.99 a month for 8MB connection.They are a very unobtrusive provider and thier customer support is excellent.
See here click here


Sorry Anchor quoted wrong price


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:18 08 May 2006

There is too much variation, he would be much better asking his neighbours who they use and if they are happy with the speeds.


  anchor 12:25 08 May 2006

Thanks Gandalf, but as the BT exchange upgrade is quite new, there cannot be much broadband experience locally.


Does the £12.99 Tiscali price for the 1Mb connection include VAT?. I would guess not, and the final price you pay, (with VAT), is £15.26 per month?. I see that a free modem, and free connection is included. Does it also include any free ADSL microfilter filters?.

  Stuartli 12:43 08 May 2006

The price stated (£12.99) is the price paid - full details on the Tiscali website.

A modem is included along with two microfilters (splitters) and an ADSL cable (3m).

  Stuartli 12:47 08 May 2006

I now see Tiscali is now offering a 1MB unlimited usage service at £12.99 on its website or, alternatively, the same offer plus free weekend phone calls at the same monthly price.

  anchor 12:41 24 May 2006

Thanks everyone for your replies, he has decided to go with Tiscali.

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