Reliable Laptop repairers?

  NW2425 00:20 15 Sep 2006

Looks like the power unit (the bit inside that the power cable connects to) of my laptop has stopped working. If I hold the cable in just the right place I can get a brief, very brief, flicker of power. It's a 2 yr old HP laptop. My local repair shop has said the would need to send it away as it requires soldering work and this could be £200. I'd prefer it a bit cheaper if anyone can recommend a repairer. Any thoughts on PC World?

  sean-278262 01:32 15 Sep 2006

I have seen this problem before and usually 150+ is the price on offer and its almost always an RTB job for a new motherboard. I would advise you either break it down for parts and ebay it or try to sell it as is. A new laptop can start at as little as 299 so it really doesnt make much sense as the old machines hard drive ram and processor should fetch at least £100 if not a good bit more depending on the specifications. Alternatives are putting it in the local free ads etc. If it was just out of warranty I would suggest looking for ways around it but at 2 years old it makes little sense.

However if you can find a motherboard with a working power unit on ebay you could try replacing it however it may prove hard to do as they are pretty annoying to put back together.

I hope you manage to fix the matter.

PC world wont fix this kind of problem as far as I understand it.

  johnnyrocker 11:48 15 Sep 2006

what part of the world are you? and have you tried a new cable first?


  silverous 12:17 15 Sep 2006

As per previous poster, laptop repairs are frequently uneconomic. If you fix it, and the laptop screen goes 2 months later, it won't have been worth it.

I recommend, for home users at least, that a 3 year warranty is taken out with laptops - particularly if they are going to be moved around, I know that is no help now. Acer do a good one with accidental damage.

The 2nd year is a tricky one, after 3 years it is likely a new laptop will be better than the one you are trying to replace, even a budget new one, within 2 you might have a decent laptop that a few hundred quid will leave you with a better laptop than you can get for 2-400 pounds - but then what if it goes wrong again?

Worth trying a few companies to see what costs might be. What spec is the laptop?

  NW2425 20:14 15 Sep 2006

Thanks for your advice everyone, even though it's not really what I wanted to hear (especialy the bit about a new motherboard!) :(

To answer a few of the questions:

I'm in the UK, Yorkshire. I am using a relatively new cable and am confident this is OK,

I will contact a few local companies with brief details to see what they come up with,

the laptop was nearly £800 new (2 years ago) it's a nx9105, 2.17 Ghz Athlon, 512Mb RAM, 60GB hard drive, 15" widescreen, DVD and CD-RW combo (I'll have a look around to see what a new equivalent would cost today!).

I'm still open to any other advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:25 15 Sep 2006

Unfortunately its the labour cost that make the repair price so high.

Its an absolute b****r to strip the laptop down to the motherboard and rebuild it again. the soldering is the easy part.

  Rtus 22:15 15 Sep 2006

Fruit Bat comments are correct (**** hes being polite there). I did one a couple of months ago for a neighbour.almost 3hrs to get it stripped & 2minutes aligning USB port & resoldering it before 10 minutes in putting it back together.
Charge £40 & a lecture to the young lady who left it on the floor to be tripped over.

  silverous 22:37 15 Sep 2006

With another 256MB of RAM, something like this would probably be as good:

click here

then you could add a 3 year warranty to avoid similar situation in future (Acer warranties are very good value).

I bet you'd get some decent money for yours on ebay as someone will buy it who can fix it. If not maybe make Rtus an offer he can't refuse ;)

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