reliable disc copier

  frostypug 21:00 14 May 2009

Does anyone know of a reliable dvd disc copier. I use imgburn at the moment but it finds loads of errors and wastes a lot of discs
free preferable please

  eedcam 23:15 14 May 2009

Imgburn is one of the best around so I would look to your system or brand of discs.What are you trying to copy and what brands have you used

  frostypug 09:43 15 May 2009

No I am not copying blockbusters just an educational dvd in the public domain. I think it may be the blank discs
thanks eedcam

  eedcam 18:38 15 May 2009

Try Verbatim they work well with Imgburn

Lazurus ah but imgburn dont throw up errors for encrypted dvd's it tells you straight it is protected and wont work try at your peril
Hi Dav

  frostypug 19:02 15 May 2009

Thanks will try verbatim. Serves me right for using cheap dvds lol

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