Relay? what do I need exactly.

  bumpkin 16:10 22 Nov 2016

I want a motorized valve to close when a 240v line is live. By default it is open when powered direct so I was thinking of a relay which when powered would switch it off. Any ideas please as to where to get one.

  caccy 16:46 22 Nov 2016


The first question is do you have electrical/electronic skills? It is an easy thing to do but will possibly involve soldering and some circuit layout. The components are readily available from somewhere like Maplin. Just checked Maplin ,they have a 10Amp 240v relay (JG64U) that will do what you want and a relay base (JG60Q)that the relay plugs into and also has screw connectors. (No soldering required using this method.)

  Forum Editor 16:53 22 Nov 2016

My advice - and you've heard this before - is not to mess about with mains voltage unless you are qualified to do so - which you obviously are not.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to close your thread before others are tempted to start offering all kinds of advice. I have no way of knowing who might be qualified, and who is not so I'm playing safe.

This is a computer help forum.

  bumpkin 16:57 22 Nov 2016

Thanks caccy, I am OK with electrics and soldering just trying to find the right component. I will check that out at Maplins.

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