Rejuvenating laptop batteries - is it possible?

  spuds 12:39 27 Oct 2014

I have a Fujitsu Siemens V5535 laptop with Vista installed, which from day of purchase is very seldom used. This leads to the battery 'running down' and power from the mains soon brings the laptop into action.

I am not sure if the FS original battery is holding any charge now, or whether the battery as a 'memory effect', which might have an effect on the charging of the battery.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, but I do realise that a new battery might be the sole answer.

I have also recently purchased a Levono G700 laptop with W8.1, and I can see that ending up the same way, for lack of use.

  northumbria61 12:54 27 Oct 2014

spuds - there are some suggestions here that may help

Revive your dead laptop battery

  spuds 17:13 27 Oct 2014


Thanks for that link, much appreciated, it certainly gave food for thought, and well worth a try.

At the same time of dismantling, I can fit in some spare ram that was purchased at the same time of the laptop and never got fitted.

I have heard in the past about warming batteries to rejuvenate them, but never freezing them. A typical example of 'warming', is the battery in our gas cooker, which I have only changed recently after many years of daily use.

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