Rejoin my Network

  nigel-199447 14:32 02 May 2006

Previously I had 2 computers connected wirelessly and one pc connected by usb to my
voyager 1250 router. The usb pc has a printer which all 3 could share.

About a month ago I added a Voyager 10v telephone adapter to the system ( between the computer and the router ), using an ethernet cable . Since then the other 2 computers cannot access the printer - in fact this computer cannot join the 2 wireless computers on a network.
I think this is because the IP address of this computer has changed to 192 something whereas the other 2 computers are 172 something.
( According gateway website they should all 3 be 172 something ).

My question is should I try to force a change in the IP address of this computer (to 172--) - how?

Or should I try to change the other 2 to 192 something ?


  howard63 20:55 03 May 2006

you need to use the ip address range as used by the router so force the use of the ip address. Right click on network places - properties then highlight your adaptor and right click properties then highlight the line with tcpip and properties then click in use the following ip address and enter one in the range of your router but with a different last number. You can see the ip address of your other pcs by going to a command prompt and typing ip config /all.

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