Rejected emails

  Severn Bore 17:17 30 Mar 2006

A friend used to use the tinyworld isp for their emails with a "" address until it was taken over by tiscali.She now has a "" address and this is what is shown when she sends her emails.
However, if I try to send an email with the new tiscali suffix it gets relected as undeliverable mail. If I continue to use the old tinyworld suffix the email gets through! It seems I am her only contact with this problem. My provider is wanadoo and as far as I know I have no problems with any other email contacts.
Has anyone any idea what the problem could be?

  martjc 17:59 30 Mar 2006

...If you both have, for instance, a Microsoft Hotmail account, there will be no conflicts. Wanadoo have been known to have these issues in the past, and these companies all take time to resolve problems which they consider minor. You do not need to use the email supplied by your ISP. There are plenty of free ones out there - take your pick!

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