Reinstalling XP, should I remove GFX card first?

  Natcrow 13:08 12 Jan 2006

I am reinstalling XP on to my desktop, I currently have a geforce fx5200 graphics card installed, will I need to take out the card prior to reinstalling XP because of the fact that I will no longer have the driver installed?

  Skyver 13:10 12 Jan 2006

No leave it in place, XP will install a basic video driver and use that until you get the NVidia ones.

  Devil Fish 13:10 12 Jan 2006

you can leave it in xp will run on vga which is a basic graphics mode until you install the relevant driver

  Stuartli 13:18 12 Jan 2006

Are you actually needing to reinstall XP for any reason rather than the option of an XP Repair, which will retain all your programs, applications, configuration etc?

  Natcrow 13:36 12 Jan 2006

I seem to have a few problems with windows lately that I can't pin down, blue screen crashes and various other things. When I say re-install what I actually mean is use a restore option that will take the PC back to factory settings, a rather extreme spring clean that I am hoping will get my system back to peak performance.

  Stuartli 13:40 12 Jan 2006

Then probably all you require is a Repair of XP. There are numerous threads on this but, to save a bit of typing, go to:

click here

I've had XP Pro for about two years and have twice had to Repair it, once for similar reasons to yours and the other because I installed a new motherboard.

In between it has been as stable and smooth as anticipated.

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