Reinstalling XP question

  Major Disaster 12:07 20 Aug 2005

Im thinking about reinstalling xp home to clear some of the clutter that has acculamated over the years. When i come, after the windows reinstall, to reinstall all my old apps i was wondering when i reinstall ms office will this reduce the number of installs im allowed to do with it, if that makes sense.

Ill rephrase, ms office allows 3 installs, when i reinstall office will this mean i will have one less install even though its on the same pc?

Thanks for any help

  Happy Soul 12:21 20 Aug 2005

Uninstall any programs you no longer use then...

Get CCleaner click here it's free.

Get RegScrubXP click here , it's another freebie.

Run them both and do a defrag.

  Major Disaster 12:25 20 Aug 2005

HUH? Happy Sould thanks for the help, but you kinda missed the question, ill rephrase.
I want to reinsstall windows xp.
Now i have microsoft office installed.
When i reinstall xp and then reinstall microsoft office (that i use) will it count towards the number of installs im allowed to have (a limit of 3)?
Bearing in mind it is the same pc, with no hardware changes.

  Jackcoms 12:26 20 Aug 2005

Agree with Happy Soul.

Much quicker and easier than a re-install.

But I would use click here
instead of RegScrub. ;-)

  Jackcoms 12:28 20 Aug 2005

You said "Im thinking about reinstalling xp home to clear some of the clutter"

Note the use of the phrase THINKING ABOUT.

What Happy Soul and I suggest will get rid of the clutter without a re-install.

  Major Disaster 12:31 20 Aug 2005

ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Sorry now it makes sense.
Sorry im stupid.

Thanks but i do think a reinstall would be helpfull as i have just done it on a laptop and it gave it a new lease of life. Anyway i already have Ccleaner and RegSeeker.

So what about the reinstall office question?

Sorry for that, ill read more carefully next time.

  seedie 12:38 20 Aug 2005

If you're doing an "over the top" re-install you shouldn't need to do Office as well. A reformat and install will need an Office install but as I'm assuming your Office on a CDROM how does it count them?

Good luck


  Major Disaster 12:42 20 Aug 2005

Lol, i though some magazines and websites reccomended reinstall the os every year, cosidreing this pc is 3 years old.

Yes it is a full retaisl version of office on a cd, i dont know how it counts them. I get 3 installs, ive used one and was wondering wheter it would use another if i reinstalled it (even though it was the same pc)

  Sans le Sou 12:53 20 Aug 2005

Probably sends a message to Bill Gates when you install it.

  Sans le Sou 12:56 20 Aug 2005

They may just ask you to reactivate Windows -happened to me last week after I updated my catalyst drivers.

  ACOLYTE 12:57 20 Aug 2005

It probably puts a marker in the reg each install
so it know when you reinstalled it.

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