Reinstalling Windows XP

  david-338461 13:34 12 May 2010

My current windows XP setup has slowed up considerable in recent weeks even whne running a single program. I have tried various fixes - defrag, clean up utilities, deleting unnecessary programms and files, but with no improvement. The pc is a Dell optiplex GX270 desktop, bought second hand and used to run fine. I thought I would try a re-format and re-install using a full programme disc. My problem is that the COA sticker on the side of the PC is for XP home, but the version loaded is XP professional. I dont have the XP prof disc, but they are available on ebay very cheaply. My comuter gives the product id for windows as a numeric code containing the letters 'OEM'. This is different to the usual format of the licence key. Is this standard for OEM installations and would I input this ID when asked for the license key during a reinstall?
I have a recovery disc for XP home. Can I format and install a full version of home using the COA key as an alternative? Or do I need a full XP home program disc (not as common as XP professional)? Any advice appreciated.

  johndrew 13:48 12 May 2010

The OEM number is not the XP key and will not work if you insert it for either version.

If you have XP Pro installed you will need an XP Pro CD to install/repair it.

To identify and regain your key try using something like WinKey Lite (if it is still available) or Recover Keys click here. There are other utilities that will display your key as well such as SIW click here

  woodchip 13:57 12 May 2010

Why not use the Recovery CD that clears the Disc and puts it back to Factory Settings

  david-338461 00:03 13 May 2010

Thanks to Johndrew. I downloaded winkeyfinder and have got the product key for XP professional

To woodchip: the recovery disk is for a copy of XP home I have on another machine, not for XP pro. I don't have any disc for that yet. If I wanted to replace professional with home edition, could I use the recovery disk or will that only work for the associated installation?

  robin_x 02:20 13 May 2010

Wade your way through these...

click here

When you do get your system rebuilt, make a system image/complete backup after setting wallpapers and screensavers and installing your core utils. Browser/Office etc.

Can't remember if XP has built in util for that.
EASEUS Todo Backup (free) if not.

External HDD is almost essential really. If your single , main HDD ever fails you will be up shit creek. But you could make a partition on it for images backups and take a risk, if at least you have made an XP install cd.

I keep all my very large files (avis/mpgs etc) on ext HDD and do not back them up. Too large.
My Win 7, recovery partition, mp3s, personal docs, various apps take about 30GB as an image.
Windows takes about an hour+ to do it.

Use Partition Wizard (free) to bugger around with partitions.

See to download.

  david-338461 08:51 13 May 2010

Thanks, I'll check out the links tonight.
I always back up my data on external hard disk and onto DVD roms, so that is safe.

  woodchip 10:06 13 May 2010

Recovery Disc will only work on the Computer that it came with

  david-338461 11:05 13 May 2010

Thanks for the help guys

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