Reinstalling Windows - my ideas. Any thoughts?

  The Old Git 20:43 04 Jun 2003

Am running Win98se on 450Mz pc with 300+ Mb ram.

Things seem to be slow and am thinking of doing a full wipe on C: drive and reinstalling windows.

I have Norton Utilities and running all likely check and repairs on this finds a few things but doesn't achieve anything major.

Trouble is then I have to reinstall all my other stuff, word processing, graphics, sound software and utilities which are installed on drives D to G. D is a separate slave hard disk, all others on master hard disc, if this is of any significance.

I have an old copy of Cleansweep and I wondered if it would save time if I uninstalled all the major items which are then saved as backups, including register settings. I could then restore from backup including register data once I had reinstalled windows.

Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it work?

If not, would I simply be saving whatever may be causing slow running?

Help and ideas appreciated

  rowdy 21:09 04 Jun 2003

If you do a wipe and clean install be sure to put all programs on the same drive/partition as the OS, download and install all updates for windows ,antivirus etc and then immediately take an image using drive image. This way a clean reinstall can be made in minutes should it ever be required again.

  The Old Git 19:39 25 Jun 2003

Thanks for responses (esp. Rowdy!). You might be interested in what happened.

I decided to have a go, using McAfee uninstaller from a magazine disk to try to save major software. Then wiped drive C: by formatting then reinstalled W98SE. Then tried to reinstall what I had archived when uninstalling. On running the software, in most cases, an error message came up to say that a file (usually a *.dll file) could not be found.

So much for my bright idea of unistalling then reinstalling from resulting archive. I just had to grit my teeth and do a full install from disk. I had saved the data files on a different drive so I lost none of these.

There was one positive result though. My broadband (the dreaded btopenworld) seemed a lot quicker.

Thanks again to those responding. Sorry my response was delayed.

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