Reinstalling windows motherboard drivers needed?

  chrisbenwalker 20:31 08 Aug 2010

I have a PC that I would like to do an XP re-install, although not sure where I have put the driver disk that came with the PC for the motherboard.

From what I can remember, when I first started up the PC (from without windows xp pre-installed), I had to insert the motherboard driver disk and install video and audio drivers etc from the disk, then XP after that (or it may have been the other way around??

If I do a C drive format and re-install, will I lose the drivers for the motherboard too? Sorry if this should be obvious but although I am happy doing a windows installation, my knowledge does not extend much further than that.

Thanks for any replies and help.

  VOT Productions 20:34 08 Aug 2010

Other way around

I had to install XP and then insert the motherboard driver disk and install video and audio drivers etc from the disk.

Go ahead and do it.

Just to know, why are you doing a re-install?

  chrisbenwalker 20:40 08 Aug 2010

Thanks virtualOStester, come to think of it, it was the other way around...

I am doing a re-install as the PC has just become sluggish due to so much being installed, deleted, re-installed over time and have tried various clean up software and nothing seems to help. There is no virus, or atleast AVG tells me as much. I would just like a fresh start again and all my important stuff is backed up to an ext hd.

My biggest concern is that I install XP again, and no audio, video due to not having the drivers in the forst place. All I know is that the disk was a foxcomm motherboard.

  rdave13 20:41 08 Aug 2010

If you have lost the mobo disc then I suggest you use double driver; click here
Link for download.
Google for more info as how to use. Last time I used it I didn't save the Windows drivers as they come on the disc to format and reinstall. Just save all other drivers. Burn to disc, including double driver folder so you have no need to reinstall.
Use the XP disc to format and install XP then load the disc when in XP and let dd install your drivers. Rebooting occasionally.
Good luck.

  sunnystaines 20:44 08 Aug 2010

make sure you download the
chipset drivers
lan driver
audio driver
graphics driver
any printer/scanner/modem/monitor drivers

to a cd before you format or you may get problems.

  chrisbenwalker 20:45 08 Aug 2010

Great help rdave13

will give that a go, thanks

didn't even know this type of thing existed. Should be able to find my way around it...


  woodchip 21:15 08 Aug 2010

Have you tried a XP repair first? Start with the XP CD in the drive, choose Setup Windows will check the Drive for any OS on the Drive, it will find XP and show you it, click on it select it then press R it will repair it. You will need all XP updates after as though it will not remove your personal files Updates will need restoring

  chrisbenwalker 21:25 08 Aug 2010

No woodchip, hadn't even considered a repair. Sounds like its worth a go first as could save me a lot of time.

Cheers for the suggestion.

  keef66 15:52 09 Aug 2010

If the repair install is not effective, have a look on the Foxconn website for mobo drivers. You might need to whip the side off the case to see the model / bios rev. number printed on the mobo.

I just did a clean install of XP. (HDD went bonkers) Fortunately I had to replace the motherboard a couple of years ago, so I still have the shiny new mobo driver CD to hand.

Install XP, then mobo drivers, then antivirus, then onto the Microsoft site to validate Windows and get all the updates.

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