ReInstalling Windows 98 or XP for desktop PCs

  WRooney 14:38 01 Jun 2006

I have been told that there are 2 ways of reinstalling windows 98 or XP.

1)Using the Startup Disk (Booting from the disk)
2)Booting from the Windows CD - Not using the Startup Disk.

In what situations do you use the 1st procudure and the other situations you use the 2nd procedure?

What is the purpose of a startup disk?

Thank You

  BurrWalnut 15:12 01 Jun 2006

You need a CD to reinstall Win98 and WinXP.

Floppies can be used to boot up and also to run utilities like Fdisk, Format, Memtest, etc.

  Sethhaniel 15:14 01 Jun 2006

XP Booting from the Windows CD - Not using the Startup Disk. needs windows to be working as setup programs don't run in dos

windows 98 still worked with DOS so format and reload programs worked

  WRooney 15:30 01 Jun 2006

Thx for the replies
So if I want to reinstall windows 98 or XP by clean install (ie formatting the hard-drive and then install windows) then I would need startup disk.

Am I correct

  DieSse 16:10 01 Jun 2006

Am I correct - No.

The XP CD is bootable, and will format your hard drive and install XP without the use of any other disks.

Win98, some are bootable, some aren't - it depends where is came from. Many manufacturers versions weren't bootable.

  WRooney 16:38 01 Jun 2006

Thx for the reply

The idea of using the windows 98 start-up disk is that it allows you to format the hard drive - for doing a clean install of windows 98.

The windows XP CD is bootable (carry out the format of the hard drive) so the start up disk is not required

Is my understadning correct

  DieSse 17:06 01 Jun 2006

Any bootable CD will be able to partition and format a drive - it would be useless unless it did.

Sometimes floppies are used when:-

The system cannot boot from a CD (as with older systems, hence more usual to do with Win98.)

The CD is not bootable - to the best of my knowledge all XP CDs are bootable (once again because these days all new systems can boot from CD).

It's always been fairly normal to use a boot floppy with Win98 - simply bacause way back then most systems couldn't boot from CD even if the CD was capable of it.

  Fellsider 17:11 01 Jun 2006


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