Reinstalling Windows 98

  s99Raj 10:32 11 Jan 2004

On switching on a PC running WIndows 98 it keeps asking for a systems disk. I can certainly put the Windows 98 floppy in, and then the Windows 98 CD and run Setup to re-install Windows, but what I'd like to know is that will this delete my data off the hard disk?

I can't afford to have it delete anything. If I re-install Windows 98 am I right in thinking it will just over write the Operating System and leave everything else intact, or could I lose some data, etc?

  howard60 10:41 11 Jan 2004

never take the chance - backup before you do anything else. In theory it should just reinstall the op sys but you never know.

  s99Raj 10:44 11 Jan 2004

The problem is how do I backup if I can't get to the hard drive? The PC just won't start up - I just get the "insert system disk" message.

  MichelleC 10:47 11 Jan 2004

Can you get into safemode?

  [email protected]@m 10:48 11 Jan 2004

Re-instal is a bit drastic, I think. Start in Safe Mode by tapping F8 after the Hardware Test. Then Start, Run, type SFC, OK. Scan for altered files.

  s99Raj 11:12 11 Jan 2004

I'll try going into Safe Mode and see if it does anything ...

  s99Raj 11:48 11 Jan 2004

It (the "Tiny" PC) doesn't go into Safe Mode at all. It just asks for a boot disk to be inserted into A:

Where can I go from here?

  woodchip 11:57 11 Jan 2004

The Easy way........put 98 floppy disc in start computer hallow to get to A:\> then type Scanreg/restore so it look's like this

A:\>SCANREG/RESTORE then press enter and load a older Date from list

  s99Raj 12:05 11 Jan 2004

All I get is this :

CDR101: Not ready reading drive D:
Abort, Retry, Fail

  woodchip 12:10 11 Jan 2004

You are not doing it right, Try it this way remove floppy disc start computer and keep pressing F8 when you get the start in safe mode list. Choose DOS prompt or Prompt ONLY then try

SCANREG/RESTORE at the prompt

  s99Raj 12:14 11 Jan 2004

I've tried pressing F8 (about twice a second) as soon as I switch on but it doesn't go into Safe Mode.
Maybe Tiny PCs have a different way of getting into Safe Mode?

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