Reinstalling Windows

  dfb70uk 14:42 22 Dec 2010

Iam running XP sp3 but I recently reinstalled over the old without doing a clean install big mistake.Is there a easy way to keep all the updates to make this easier in the future. the was a prog which let you make an additional Cd but it was too complicateed for me! i have a copy of te C drive which was working fine on an external drive but dont see that is much help. I suppose I will just have to grind thru'oit all again. The HHD is in 4 partitions with the progs on C.

  Press Man 15:09 22 Dec 2010

click here This is a walk through of slipstreaming win xp with sp3. Hope this helps.

  dfb70uk 17:38 22 Dec 2010

Thanks Press Man
nlite is what I couldn't understand will give it another try.
I have realised I have never re installed XP when it is working however badly. What do I do to get the computer to boot from the installation disc I seem to rememberI hold a key down during boot up god I have an awful memory

  GaT7 17:42 22 Dec 2010

That would depend on your motherboard - most times it's either Del or the F2 key. Then once in the BIOS, change Boot options to boot from CD-rom first & save changes. Then at the beginning of the boot process, 'press any key to boot from CD'. G

  mooly 17:48 22 Dec 2010

When I clean installed Vista I let all the updates and service packs install and then ran the service pack clean up tools, did full disc clean, full defrag etc.

I did not use the web or add any applications other than Acronis... you can see where this is going... then made my own recovery image with Acronis :)

Every 6 months or so I can load that image and bring it right up to date... but I don't install any 3rd party applications... it is purely a restore image.

  dfb70uk 20:59 22 Dec 2010

Thanks Crossbow 7
Ihave found that F8 gets me to safe working etc.

Thanks Mooly, Iam interested in your method but don't understand it.
I have 4 partitions with Windows and all the programs on C are you saying you put the prog elsewhere. Oh I suppose thats OK because you must keep the registry upto date on your recovery disc.
I use Acronis to back up all 4 partitions but to be truthful don't know how use it. I did make a normal recovery disc when I first got it but when I had the recent trouble it didn't work. COULD YOU PLEASE EXPAND YOU METHOD.
I have ubuntu on another partition and can use either OS.

  mooly 19:30 23 Dec 2010

You can use Acronis to back up (image) any partition.

I use an Acer laptop with the HDD split into two equal partitions C and D.

I install Windows as a clean install which goes on the C partition. First thing after doing that is to install Acronis which also loads onto the main C partition. I have the retail CD for that so don not need to go online as yet... if you download Acronis I would save it to a flash drive first and run it from there so you do not in any way interupt or put at risk the clean install.

I then set Acronis up to do an incremental backup and make the first image. I direct that image to the D partiton... [I should use a separate HDD really in case this one fails but that's another story.]

So far so good, we now have just Windows and Acronis with no Windows updates or anything come to that.

Now set up the PC, and begin Windows update.
At regular intervals keep running Acronis again. As this backup is incremental each new addition takes only a couple of minutes. If a dodgy update, service pack driver etc caused a problem you can just reinstall the partial clean install with Acronis in minutes.
When all updates done make a full Acronis image and label it "Recovery" or some such.
You now have a full working clean install as a backup... never delete it or alter it.

Now start a new incremental backup off and add all your programs/data/printers/usb devices/bluetooth etc and keep running the backup as you go in case any goes wrong.

The aim is to get a 100% perfect install of everything you need with no update failures, error codes etc.

When you are happy with that you can make another new full backup and call it "Full Working Image" for example.

Then you use the pc normally and I make running daily incrementals starting a new one of each week. Any of these backups over a couple of weeks old I delete.

If you do that you never worry over any system problem, a full recovery is always available and it's always less than 24 hours old.

If you make a mess of things and you want a clean install again in the future then you use one of the two full recovery images made at the start... easy :)

  dfb70uk 09:16 26 Dec 2010

Thanks Mooly,
Will try this in future.

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