Reinstalling Windows

  Newuser939 10:39 15 Jul 2007

A friend of mine has a problem with his DVD Reader/Writer not working properly (even though device manager says it is) and has been advised by a helpline that reinstalling windows would probably cure the problem. His computer is a Packard Bell (don't know the model) with a recovery partition. He has asked me to help him with the reinstallation, but as I built my own computer I am not familiar with recovery partitions. Is it usually possible to simply reinstall windows from a recovery partition (and if so how) or will it involve returning the whole system to its original condition and therefore losing his data. Alternatively, presumably I could take my own external dvd player and Windows CD and reinstall from that using his own product key, or am I on the wrong track there?

  Reb 11:29 15 Jul 2007

Is the dvd player new or was it working before?
before reinstalling windows have you considered/tried other things like putting the dvd player in another computer to see if its faulty?

  Jak_1 11:37 15 Jul 2007

I had a Packard Bell before my present pc; your friend should have made recovery cd's when prompted by the pc when he first used it, hopefully. He should click on Start > Acsessories > System Tools if I remember corectly or by inserting CD1 into the drive, usually 3 cd's are used, and taking it from there. It should give him the option of either simply restoring the system files and keeping all his data files intact or to do a full reinstall to as it was when he first switched it on.
However, first I would do as Reb say's and check the drive is working properly first and is not faulty.

  Reb 11:44 15 Jul 2007

I dont think using your windows cd but putting in his product key works -
had a quick look & reinstalling from the recovery partition would be my last choice -
click here
(sorry dont know how to paste link in!)
you may find more info on that forum

  Newuser939 11:46 15 Jul 2007

The DVD player is not new and certainly has worked before. Indeed Device Manager says that the drivers are all up to date and the device is working properly. I think that is why it is thought to be a software problem rather than a hardware one.
I do not know if he created recovery cd's, but even if he did, I would still need to use a seperate player as the faulty one is the only one on his computer.
Has anyone any thoughts about simply using my own Windows CD (with his product key) through an external DVD player?

  User-1159794 11:47 15 Jul 2007

Yes you do.

  Liza 12:19 15 Jul 2007

Hi Newuser939

I had problems with my msi dvd -rw. It would not work after using it for some time. I bought another a LG dvd ram and did all my burning and so on on that but had a problem because disks I burnt were not useable on other drives so I needed the msi drive, what did I do, reinstalled nero software on this msi drive and presto it came back to life. I must say it was hard to find which nero I had used for either because I also have/had freebees, finally found the one I think used before (there is a key). Hope this helps. Liza

  Reb 13:07 15 Jul 2007

dont think your cd & his key will work, I tried it before & it didnt, it comes up saying its the wrong key but there maybe a way round that.
Have you rolled back the drivers, gone to a previous system restore point when it worked, reinstalled drivers/updated/backdated them -
I dont think windows saying the device is working properely always means it is - the first thing I would do if its possible is check the dvd player works ok on another computer, if it does then uninstall everything on original comp about dvd & start again using what you knows works on the other comp & take it from there but Im not a comp whizz so others may have better ideas :-)
Rapscallion - yes I do!! :-)

  ßoolian 20:07 17 Jul 2007

If he has a product key on the side of his PC he should be able to purchase a oem copy of Windows Xp Home Edition/Media Centre (Which most Packard-Bells are) whatever it is. It will say what type of windows it is on the Cetificate of Authenicity sticker which is the one with the product key on. You should be able to get a oem copy of windows xp home edition from for about £60 or you could get media centre for £84. But all OEM copys on Amazon Include sp2 so you dont have to buy the full version if you already have a oem product key

Hope it helps

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