Reinstalling windows

  yahwob 09:49 19 Feb 2007

I currently have two pc’s, a newish one which for various reasons is no longer working and I don’t intend to use now and an old pc which I havn’t used for six months.

The old PC was last used in September until last week when I started using it again. I hit immediate problems because it was asking me to activate windows but when I tried to do this using the windows key on the pc case it said my activation period had expired.

In the end I reinstalled windows from scratch but when I then tried to activate it said that the windows key I had used had been used too many times and won’t let me activate. Therefore I am currently on the 30-day countdown to windows activation when I will presumably have to reinstall to get another 30 days!

Now I also have the reinstall disc for the newer pc and of course have the windows key on that pc case as well. If I reinstall on the old machine but using the new machines disc and windows key will I get away with it? I have all the drivers etc for the old machine on a separate cd so that’s not a problem. Just want to know if I can fool the old machine into accepting the new machines windows key.

Thanks guys.

  BRYNIT 10:50 19 Feb 2007

Have you followed the information in the windows help file.

To activate Windows on the Internet The Windows Product Activation Wizard is located in System Tools. To open a system tools item, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click the appropriate icon., then click Activate Windows.
Follow the activation instructions that appear on your screen.

Alternatively, you can open the Windows Product Activation Wizard by clicking Start, then Run, and then typing "oobe/msoobe /a".
You can use your Internet connection to activate, or activate and register, your copy of Windows. Activation is required within 30 days of installation.
If you choose not to activate Windows now, reminders will appear periodically during the next 30 days. After that time has expired, you will be required to activate in order to continue to use Windows.
If you have not yet activated Windows XP, you can do so at any time by clicking the Windows Activation icon in the system tray to initiate activation. Once you have activated Windows XP,

  BRYNIT 10:52 19 Feb 2007

Also found another link on activating windows which may help. click here

  yahwob 10:53 19 Feb 2007

Thanks but it's not a question of how to activate windows, I know how to do that. It's a question of the machine not letting me activate as it says I've used that key too many times. I have reformatted a number of times over the years I've had the machine, I didn;t know there was a limit to the number of times I could use the windows key.

So my question was will it let me reformat and use a different windows key from my other machine?

  maidenlewes 11:12 19 Feb 2007

Phone the number on the activation window...the automated system should give you a valid activation key. If not, speak to an operator and explain that you needed to re-install windows due to a virus or whatever and they will give you a working key.

  yahwob 11:32 19 Feb 2007

I did ring the MS number and they did give me a new key (all numbers). However when I restarted the PC I was told to activate windows!

  GEEKSTA 12:29 19 Feb 2007

when you rang them, did you say whatever maidenlewes said or..?

Try putting in the key one more time, and if it still doesnt work, it might be the computers problem or you could have another go at ringing microsft and explaining the prob again.

  yahwob 12:35 19 Feb 2007

Ok I'll try that, when I rang the MS number is was all automated, didn't speak to a real person.

So you don't recommend trying the recovery disc and key from the other machine?

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