reinstalling win98

  zigg 23:50 09 Aug 2003

i'm getting a lot of crashes and fatal exceptions with my current 10 gig hard drive running on win98. My drive is about 9 gig full and has lots of stuff on it that i've accumulated over the years.

I'm wondering if I should clear my hard drive including removing the operating system and reinstall things to try to solve the problems.

I've never tried this before and i'm wondering if I can just remove the operating system and reinstall it again or do I need to reformat my hard drive before I reinstall the operating system and if so what does this mean and how do I go about it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  zigg 00:16 10 Aug 2003

No reply yet!
Any advice would be very much appreciated

  hugh-265156 00:16 10 Aug 2003

i got some good advice on this earlier click here

  hugh-265156 00:22 10 Aug 2003

also see click here and click here which you may find helpful

  Patr100 02:12 10 Aug 2003

No reply after 20 mins? While you are waiting it might have been worth using the time to search on this site as this has been covered many times before and very recently as the replies above show.

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