Reinstalling Win Me" Over the top"

  Tinkey Winkey 20:51 15 Aug 2003

I have a 3 year old PC which has some minor error message problems from time to time.I understand that reloading windows over the top could sort these out and is generally a good idea for a PC of this age.Will I have to reinstall all my other software aswell afterwards? Does anyone want to sell me a cheap win me disk with liscence as the original was not provided with the PC.Or does anyone know where I could get one for not much cash.I've heard they are available second hand from £20.

  sil_ver 21:21 15 Aug 2003

Have a look on Ebay for a copy of ME you might be lucky. I'm not sure what would happen if you tried to install a different copy of ME over your present setup. If it works it shouldn't affect any personal progs you've installed just make sure you have all the drivers for your hardware in case they get corrupted.

  Tinkey Winkey 11:00 17 Aug 2003

Has anyone tried reinstalling a diferent copy of windows ME over their old one ?

  leo49 12:07 17 Aug 2003

Is your Windows\Options folder still intact? - should be approx 315mb - that's all you need to install.


  Tinkey Winkey 17:19 17 Aug 2003

A search for my Windows\Options folder reads 308MB or 323MB on disk.There are 773 files and 22 Folders.Now what ?

  leo49 17:41 17 Aug 2003

For future use, you should, when you have a few minutes, copy the whole options folder to CDR as together with an ME startup disc and your serial number that will enable you to install Windows ME and not be in the position of,for example,the Recovery disc not recognising an upgraded motherboard.

If you look in the Cabs folder you will find setup.exe - doubleclick and away you go.


  Tinkey Winkey 18:04 17 Aug 2003

I have found the Cabs folder with the WIN9XSETUP -thanks.It's 219MB on disk with 186 Files & 15 Folders.What do you mean by a " ME startup disc "?Also,if my OS is allready corrupted I,ll just be reinstalling those errors.I,m glad you mentioned about the recovery disk not recognising an upgraded mobo as this is something else I,ve been advised to do !

  leo49 18:18 17 Aug 2003

You're misunderstanding. When Windows is originally installed, the Options folder is where the original setup files are copied to HDD during the pre-install process.Your current OS was created from these but is entirely separate from them and will NOT be corrupted.

A startup disc is the floppy boot disc you can make[and should already have made] from within your current Windows set up or you can download one from the web from a number of sources.

Armed with a boot floppy[which loads basic drivers from a DOS prompt]and the options folder burned to CDR, you can now install ME on any PC.[Assuming,of course it would be legal to do so].


  Tinkey Winkey 18:44 17 Aug 2003

Thanks for taking the time to clear this up Leo49. I don,t have a boot disk so I,m off to see Google so I can download one.Many thanks again !

  leo49 18:47 17 Aug 2003

Coincidentally,another Forum member I'm helping privately is currently halfway though an ME install following this process.Topical proof that it does work.


  Tinkey Winkey 20:29 17 Aug 2003

Having found a site to download a boot disk I'm presented with 2 options.Either OEM or Custom-No Ram Drive.Can I presume that my OS is an OEM version as it came preloaded from Evesham ?Or is there a way to find this out on my PC ?

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