is reinstalling OS needed after fitting a new mobo

  OU812 02:02 30 Jun 2004

My question is do I have to re-install Windows if I fit a new motherboard?

I ask because I am considering upgrading my motherboard (an MSI 6533G with a SIS645DX chipset). While I am confident with the physical installation (having moved all my current components to a new case last year) I am holding off because I am unsure if fitting the new mobo (which will probably be the well reviewed Abit VT7 which has a Via chipset)will mean I have to reinstall the OS (XP Pro)on my P4 2.53 system.

Since I only carried out a fresh install of XP Pro (from XP Home, courtesy of my then employer)in March this year and have now tweaked it the way I want it to be (taking regular backups via Drive Image &) re-installation would be a B's ache I would rather avoid.

So if anyone has any opinions on the matter i'd be glad to hear them.

  hugh-265156 02:13 30 Jun 2004

worst that can happen is it just wont boot up normally due to different chipset. you could always try to boot into safe mode which should work and then install the new mobo drivers if you can here.

a format and clean install may needed though if you run into problems so back up everything just in case.

  Gongoozler 07:06 30 Jun 2004

I usually go for the format and reinstall route, but the last time I fitted a new motherboard to this computer I kept the old installation. I installed Windows over itself and the computer is fairly happy. I made the mistake of not disabling Norton AV, and that caused a few complications when the installation tried to change the MBR (Master Boot Record). The computer is now working fairly well, but I'm not completely happy with it and will do a format and reinstall when I get a chance.

If your new motherboard has a similar chipset to the old one, your chances of success are much higher. I changed from VIA KT133 to VIA KT400. Changing from SIS to VIA could cause more problems.

  OU812 12:01 30 Jun 2004

Thanks for your input thus far it does seem that things are pointing me in the direction of re-installation, which is a way I really don't want to go at this time since I don't have the time to mess about setting things up all over again.

Unless anyone has any alternate opinions I think I might hold off on buying the board for the time being.

  Agent Smith 12:24 30 Jun 2004

I recently had a MoBo and processor upgrade and did not need to reinstall XP. However I did need to re-activate windows after 30 days.

  AndySD 12:42 30 Jun 2004

You will need to do a repair installation of windows if it wont boot into windows. click here

  OU812 00:34 01 Jul 2004

Thanks for your contributions, on the basis of what you have said and what I have picked up from other sources it seems that the best way to this is to bite the bullet and re-install windows.

Since I can't be fussed messing around doing so at the moment, I'll keep my credit card holstered and wait a while.

Thanks again.

  Gaz 25 01:38 01 Jul 2004

I'll just add...

That what I tend to do, is uninstall the chipset drivers. Then it will run on generic windows drivers.

Thus, next time you boot - it should be ok.

However if not... Reinstall or repair.

  dth 09:42 01 Jul 2004

A quick and dirty way to do this is to delete the 'inf' folder in windows before you change the m/b. It isn't perfect but works most of the time. As always it is best to make a data back-up just in case.

  PSF 09:59 01 Jul 2004

Have a read of this article click here

  OU812 14:49 04 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link PSF, when I do get the new mobo this is the way I'll go and fingers crossed It'll work!

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