Reinstalling MS Office and Access on new PC

  CEL321 20:23 16 Oct 2014

Apologies if this has been covered before - I cannot find the forum search facility!

My PC suffered a lightning strike last week (through the phone line and BT Hub) and is unrepairable. I have a new one on order. I will need to install my copies of Office and Access on the new machine and would like advice on installing on a new machine when the product keys/licences have already been used on the old one.

Any advice will be most appreciated.

  alanrwood 20:45 16 Oct 2014

That is no problem. Just install and activate as normal. If it does not activate online then use the phone option to Microsoft. It's a freephone number and is an automated process. Just confirm you are not using it on more than one desktop and one laptop during the routine.

  Ian in Northampton 21:00 16 Oct 2014

Exactly what alanrwood said...

  CEL321 11:18 17 Oct 2014

Many thanks gentlemen

  alanrwood 19:08 17 Oct 2014

You are very welcome

  rdave13 19:23 17 Oct 2014

If you haven't gone through the process before I would arm myself with a note pad and pen. Makes the process much simpler if you have a busy and noisy household. I suffered the same fate, PC on UPS side not anti surge side, blew mobo, router and modem. I've been updating that PC Zoostorm case for years and unfortunately was not at home during the storm. (Cue the violins) so binned it lock stock an barrel except for all the HDDs and on a laptop at the moment. At least a lappy has a battery and won't be connected to the mains when next we get a wallop :(

  CEL321 09:04 18 Oct 2014

Now a follow up question.....

My copy of MS Access was bought by my employer for my use at home. There was another copy bought for a PC in the workplace. So, I have two copies of MS Access and I am not sure which copy/product key was installed on the PC that failed.

If I try and reinstall the wrong copy (ie. the copy that is installed on the workplace machine)and then confirm that I am only using it on one machine, What will be the outcome?

Of course, with hindsight, I should have marked the copy that I put on my machine.

  rdave13 09:59 18 Oct 2014

It should show up as an invalid key, during installation, if you use the wrong one. So change it to the other key. It should then install.

  alanrwood 10:57 18 Oct 2014

It might show up as all licenses used but still if you go through the process and confirm it is installed only on one computer it will still register and activate OK. There is no way that MS can check on this so don't worry about it. In truth you have two copies and there are 2 machines on which they are installed.

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