reinstalling half life 2 and condition zero

  pookie 13:41 23 Aug 2005


both used for single player but fully updated through steam.

i may reformat in the near future. do i just reinstall hl2 and cz from the bought disks and update via my existing steam account details? i'm not worried about existing config settings etc.

many thanks


  Methedrine 14:02 23 Aug 2005

I should think that would be OK. You may have to enter your original username and password from your first install though.

  gudgulf 16:02 23 Aug 2005

I've just done exactly the same thing and all I did was uninstall the games by putting in the disc and selecting "uninstall".

Then reinstall (whilst online) and the game installed,steam picked it up and intalled all the updates and unlocked the files....which took quite a while.You may have to log in to your existing Steam account buts that's all(memory failing and I can't remember if I had to reenter my password :O( )

Totally painless! ...had me worried before I started though just in case something went wrong with the Steam account!!

  pookie 08:54 24 Aug 2005

many thanks

does anyone know how big a fully up to date 'steamed' hl2 folder is - reason i ask is that i've a 3Gb monthly cap on broadband and i don't want to go over it or use most of it in one go. or can hl 2 steam be downloaded in stages - although i thought it downloaded all updates without option to do it in stages.



  Midsman2005 10:20 24 Aug 2005

If you install steam you can download each of the games seperately without actually having to use your installation cd's at all.

I am not sure how large the files are.

Condition Zero is probably not that big.

Half Life 2 is probably huge.

I downloaded CS:S this way and the download on my 1 meg connection took about an hour or so.

CS on the other hand took about 10 minutes.

  Midsman2005 10:24 24 Aug 2005

Just to explain a bit more.

You can uninstall by using add/remove programs. Then delete your steam folder in Explorer to make sure the whole lot has gone.

Download the steam installer and install the steam program (small download).

Run steam and log in.

You will see each game is "greyed out" and you install it by double clicking on then downloads the game from the server.

You can install each game/mod seperately.

This is by far the "cleanest" way to install anything to do with HL now as you dont get two folders...E.g Half Life folders and Steam Folders like you get if you use the CD's.

  pookie 13:00 24 Aug 2005

many thanks for replies - i was going to install games from disk rather than download that part of it to save on overall download size.


  gudgulf 13:56 24 Aug 2005

With Halflife2 everything on the DVD will install into the Valve/Steam folder,which is 5.5GB in size on my pc(with only HL2 and CS source).So for HL2 reinstalling from DVD wont make any difference compared with downloading.All my other HalfLife games.....the original/Blue Shift etc are in their own folders and not registered with Steam.

Midsman2005's idea is a good one...keep everything together under Steam.Just bear in mind you will be downloading for an awful long time and will certainly be exceding your ISP monthly cap.

  Midsman2005 14:38 24 Aug 2005

Gudgulf is right.

To save on your download limit install HL2 and CS from your disks and then just update them using steam.

The update files are not big when simply updating pre-installed HL2 and CS:CZ games and wont use up much of your limit.

The other mods like CS 1.6, TFC, DOD, etc. It is best to download these like I suggested above. Just to keep it neat and tidy really.

  pookie 21:02 24 Aug 2005

thanks alot guys - much appreciated.

take care


  pookie 12:33 25 Aug 2005

I installed hl2 from disk and updated it and source from my exiting steam account - took a while but both showing as 100%. However, when i went to install counter strike condition zero from disk the only option was to install 'deleted scenes' part ie not counter strike off line against bots part. in steam when it shows games counter strike is not highlighted and only option is to install it from steam. any ideas how i install it from disk and update via steam?


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