Shikaree 20:55 24 Mar 2010

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I Reinstalled XP Pro. It showed my Partitions 'C' with my OS and 'F' with all my Personal Data. Foolishly I Deleted 'F.' I should have kept 'F' with all my Personal Data on it and Installed XP Pro on 'C'.

Any way I took the option to create a Partition. XP Pro is now on 'C.' Great! However in Disk Management I can see both Partitions - 'C' Healthy System. But the other Partition has no Letter assigned to it - Unallocated. I have Right Clicked this Partition but can't Format it or Assign a Drive Letter. It had a Black Bar above it like 'C'

I Right Clicked it and Choose New Partition and it has a GREEN Bar above now.

Now if I Right Click it I get New Logical Drive & Delete Partition. I have Deleted it and gone back to Unallocated.

Please HELP to Assign A Drive Letter.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 24 Mar 2010

Right Clicked it and Choose New Partition

Right Click it choose New Logical Drive

It should auto assign next available letter, if no right click and select Assign letter.

  Shikaree 18:24 26 Mar 2010

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Thanks a Million. It works well. Sorry I didn't reply earlier as my Broadband was not working whole of yesterday. Only came back this morning.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 26 Mar 2010

Glad its sorted please tick resolve.

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