Reinstalled Vista Wifi light is not working

  julius44 15:45 17 Jul 2009

Hello there I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop..i had to re-install vista from scratch, and now the Wifi light is not coming on, and the only way i can connect to the internet is with the ethernet cable. I have no idea what the problem is or why the wifi is not working now.....if someone could help me pls, then it would be much appreciated. I have no idea if I'll have to re-install the drivers, but if I need to do that i'll need to know which drivers are required as i do not have a clue, thanks

  woodchip 15:52 17 Jul 2009

You may need to press a Combination of Keys to start Wireless. fn should be the first and one on top row with a Antenna symbol on it

  woodchip 15:52 17 Jul 2009

ps there may also be a switch that turns it on

  oldbeefer2 16:02 17 Jul 2009

Look at page 86 onwards of the Dell manual that I gave you the limk to in your previous post. Tells you all about WiFi on your machine.

  rawprawn 16:02 17 Jul 2009

Inspiron 1720 - on/off switch on the left side of the laptop

  julius44 16:03 17 Jul 2009

hello woodchip, theres no fn button on this dell inspiron 1720 laptop. The laptop has a set of icons in the top left hand corner, such as low battery, power on and the Wifi and the bluetooth lights....when the lights are on....everything is blue...but the wifi and bluetooth lights are off.

  rawprawn 16:07 17 Jul 2009

click here for image

  woodchip 16:08 17 Jul 2009

looks like rawprawn as found it

  rawprawn 16:10 17 Jul 2009

Sorry it reverts back to start, click on the last image you can see then click the "next arrow" on the picture.

  julius44 16:16 17 Jul 2009

there is a button on the left handside, ive clicked it up and down, but still the wifi light does not come on.....if i take out the ehternet cable, it says windows cannot find any networks. I'm a bit miffed now

  woodchip 16:18 17 Jul 2009

If you look at the Picture you will see the button, it's not the switch that you are using its same side but right at the back of that edge of the laptop

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