Reinstallation of Win98

  Klodshans 18:44 16 Nov 2004

I'm about to overwrite my hard disk on a computer which I am passing on to kids, but I can't find any information about how to re-install Win98. I would like to pass the system on with an operating system and a full set of drivers; I've got all the CD's etc.

  Buchan 35 19:05 16 Nov 2004

Not being funny, but have you tried just putting the CD in your CD-ROM and following from there?
Alternatively if you have a System Recovery Disc rin that instead. I should return your computer to factory settings.

  Buchan 35 19:06 16 Nov 2004

Awful spelling, hope you got the jist of my message

  wednesday 13 19:11 16 Nov 2004

browse win 98 disc for un-install, then re-install win 98. only way i can think of.

  sortof 19:17 16 Nov 2004

If you boot from the Win 98 CD then choose option 2 - boot from CD then 2 again to drop to DOS you can run fdisk to delete the prim DOS and repartition hdd, as you cannot format from there. When you reboot from the CD you choose option 2 then 1 - Win98 setup - and Win setup will prompt you to format then after scandisk will continue with setup.

  sortof 19:20 16 Nov 2004

Also, what PC do you have? As has been asked, don't you have a total product recovery CD? If you have all the drivers, to format hdd you could use a startup disk (control panel - add/remove progs - startup disk tab)then restart with the Win 98 CD to run setup then install drivers afterwards.

  dan 11 19:33 16 Nov 2004

Start the PC up and keep tapping the delete button. This should take you to the bios.

Select the advanced cmos page, usually the second one and scroll down to first boot. Change this so it shows cdrom as first boot. You use the PgUp or PgDn buttons to alter the setting. When that is done press the F10 button to save the settings and exit.

The computer will reboot, now put the windows cd in the cdrom drive.

The computer should now start to load the start up section for a windows installation. you should have an option " to start the computer with cdrom support" pick this option and enter.

It will now load to a:\ type format c: after this so;

a:\ format c:

The computer will ask you if you are sure you wish to format the drive, pick y, for yes.

After the format it will ask if you want a label for the hard drive, either pick a name or choose n, for no.

This should bring you back to a:\ now type sys c: after this, so;

a:\ sys c:

It should then say system transfered and bring you back to a:
Now you have to select the cdrom letter, but this is always moved up a letter as a ram drive is used, so if your cdrom used to be d:\ it will move to e:\, just for the installation, so at the a:\ type e: after it, so;

a:\ e: and enter

Now type either win98\setup after this or setup, so;

e:\ win98\setup


e:\ setup

This should start the windows installation.

When the copied files get to 100% and the machine reboots, enter the bios again to change the first boot to HDD0, your hard drive. F10 to save settings and exit. The machine will reboot and finish the windows installation.

Then you can add your drivers for motherboard, sound, graphics and modem. If you have those peripherals installed.

  Klodshans 10:31 17 Nov 2004

Thanks to everyone so far. Just one thing: I was going to use an Eraser program to erase everything on the hard drive, but if I follow Dan 11's instructions, I assume that this will automatically happen when I'm formatting? Also I am assuming that when you refer to the A drive, I would have the Windows Boot disk in the floppy drive? Sorry if I sound thick but I want to be sure that I don't muck everything up!!!

  Smegs 10:41 17 Nov 2004

Yes and Yes.

  Graham ® 10:59 17 Nov 2004

I've done many times.

Download a boot floppy from click here, Windows 98 OEM, to the desktop. Put a clean floppy in the drive and double click the download.

Restart the PC in MS-DOS. Type format c:, enter. Follow the prompts.

Restart the PC with the boot floppy in the drive. At the A: prompt, type E:, enter.

Put the 98 CD in the drive, type setup, enter.

  Klodshans 16:20 17 Nov 2004

Thanks very much indeed everybody for the help: I've done it and it works! (I followed Graham's advice, though the downloaded boot disk didn't work, but my original boot disk worked fine), so thanks again.

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