reinstall XP Pro

  freefx 00:10 07 Oct 2003

Cant boot up my pc. Keep getting the blue screen. cant boot with 'last known good configuration, normal or safe mode.

May have to reinstall. Question is will i loose all the data on the hard disk, such as my words documents, emails, programs,,,,,etc etc.

Is is possible just to reinstall only the ops?

Can anyone help?

  Terrahawk 00:21 07 Oct 2003

their is a repair function on the xp cd i dont know if this will be of any use to you but may be worth a look

  soy 00:22 07 Oct 2003

yes, just make sure you DON'T select to Reformat anything! Just install Xp over the original and everything should still be there.

  DieSse 00:40 07 Oct 2003

Yes you can reinstall, and with luck get back to where you were. I have to say "with luck", as it has to depend on exactly what's gone wrong. If you have backups (you do don't you???) - then you won't have a problem anyway.

Otherwise the only 100% safe way to not lose anything is to copy the whole drive to another one, before you start - time consuming but as safe as you can get.

Anyway - to re.install - boot up from the CD, and contnue just as if you were doing a first time install, until you get to the point where it say it's detected a prior installation - do you want to do a fresh install (NO YOU DON'T) or a repair. Choose repair and go ahead.

I've done it a number of times successfully - though once it fairly screwed things up.

  JIM 00:49 07 Oct 2003

Should help you through it,copy/paste and print the text to follow on install.

click here

  JFT 00:53 07 Oct 2003
  JIM 23:42 07 Oct 2003


seeing s you cannot boot the machine at all ,before you wipe out anything make sure its not a hardware issue like a loose wire or memory module, youll be really annoyed if you re-instal then find it still happens.

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