Reinstall XP on netbook

  iqs 17:56 20 Nov 2009


Hopefully I will be getting an Acer Netbook in the next few weeks.
I was wondering with netbooks in general,how is the OS re-installed.
Is it from and external USB device,a recovery partition or image software that is supplied by the manufacturer ?.


  GaT7 18:11 20 Nov 2009

The easiest method is with the help of an external optical drive, but as not too many people own one, the USB stick method should do.

There are many guides out there, one of which suggests using a third-party program called WinSetupFromUSB click here. G

  ambra4 18:23 20 Nov 2009

Get yourself a small external USB CD/DVD-RW drive witch give you the ability to burn files to

your external drive.

Perfect if you want to back files up from the Netbook for safekeeping.

It will come in very handy and will allow you do use your Netbook if you also want to install

other software on the Netbook

Slimline USB External CD RW DVD ROM Drive for Laptops, Desktop and Netbook

click here

It is certainly possible to install Windows XP using a USB drive, but it is not an easy thing to do.

Here's a good site with step-by-step instructions so you can see what's involved:

Geek’s Guide To Installing Windows XP Using A USB Flash Drive

click here

  GaT7 18:50 20 Nov 2009

I notice ambra4's external drive suggestion doesn't have DVD-R/RW capability. So if you opt for an extn optical drive & need DVD-writing as well, I'd suggest one of these for ~£35 - click here / click here. Or a slimline one for £40 click here.

If you already have a spare IDE optical drive, another option is to get an external USB enclosure like click here. G

  iqs 19:34 20 Nov 2009

And thank you for the advice and links.Thats a little clearer.
But can I also ask how you would reinstall the XP OS that was pre-installed on the netbook.The netbooks I have seen don't come with an OS disc.

  GaT7 11:41 21 Nov 2009

That's a good question iqs. I wasn't aware that netbooks didn't come with an OS disk. But surely they include a restore CD/partition, don't they?

If not, then there are 2 ways to go about a reinstall/recovery:
1. You'll have to borrow a suitable XP disk from someone & use one of the above methods to reinstall afresh
2. Or, you'll need to do an OS image backup that's restorable in case of failure. There are a few free programs that will do it.


  iqs 11:32 22 Nov 2009

Thanks again Crossbow7
Time to do some investigating on reinstalling the OS before I purchase a netbook.

  scotty 13:22 22 Nov 2009


I use and external USB disc and the back-up program described here to take a snapshot of the system - click here

You can take snapshots at different times (e.g. new unmodified setup, after all your programs are installed etc). Just rename the backup folders to allow several snapshots to be stored on the one disc.

Although this is described for the Acer, it works with any pc that can boot from an external USB disc.

This approach is simple and very quick. On an Acer One A110 (8GB SSD), restoring an image takes 10-15 minutes.

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