reinstall xp and keep docs and programs???

  shauny36 14:57 27 Oct 2008

is it possible to reinstall xp and keep all of my docs pics and programs without formatting.

  Pamy 15:03 27 Oct 2008

If you have the genuine XP disk, then you can do a repair install. This should install XP and leave all your progs and data intact. "Google" Xp repair install.

  sunnystaines 15:03 27 Oct 2008


move docs folder to another partition or secondary hard drive the xp re instal will only affect the c drive

  crosstrainer 15:09 27 Oct 2008

Follow the instructions in the link provided:

click here

  Stuartli 15:16 27 Oct 2008

But still do a backup first; also make sure that during the initial stages of an XP Repair you select Repair and NOT Recovery Console.

  shauny36 15:29 27 Oct 2008

cant get into windows to backup.
please read my other thread HELP LOST INFO ON HALF DRIVE and this will give you some idea of what i am going through.


  shauny36 15:37 27 Oct 2008

could i use another hd and install win on there then connect my other drive and try and recover from there.

  Pamy 15:39 27 Oct 2008

The disk you cloned to may have been wiped in the process

  Stuartli 15:47 27 Oct 2008

There's no point in having two threads on the one subject.

  shauny36 16:14 27 Oct 2008

just trying different angles to see wich will be better. ???

any more advice you guys would be most kind


  shauny36 09:50 05 Nov 2008

have now done a hdd regenerator on my hd and there is no bad sectors.
then i used ACTIVE PARTITION RECOVERY and found some of the files i want to recover but dont know how to save them .
also checked partions and it looks something ilke this.

primary ntfs active-yes
? extended 95gb active-NO
D logical ntfs active-no
logical free 36gb
logical other 36gb active-no hidden-yes
g primary ntfs 15.7mb active-no

also comes up with THE PARAMETER IS INCORRECT.
ran xp from disk but not to hd and when i right click on mc comp and properties the pie graph is full and has 0 bytes and is a RAW FILE

please help

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