Reinstall Windows XP Home

  AlanHo 12:15 11 Jun 2003

My Windows XP Home system is playing up - all the old restore points have vanished, the automatic Windows update feature has stopped working and the system keeps freezing from time to time.

I tried reinstalling Windows XP on top of the existing installation without any benefit - in fact it made it worse because System Restore now cannot be accessed at all (I get a message stating that the procedure entry point could not be located in WINSTA.dll). Hence,unless anyone can advise me how to avoid it - I reckon I need to do a clean reinstall of Windows.

The problem is I am not sure about the procedure and need a very simple step-by-step guide to help me through the maize.

I have saved all my data files plus my Email messages and Internet account settings to my second hard disc and know how to recover them. I just need to know how to delete Windows from the C:drive and reinstall XP from my Mesh XP recovery CD-ROM.

Is it possible to do this without losing my other installed software on the C: drive such as Microsoft Office, Pinnacle Video Editing, Paint Shop Pro, McAfee etc - or are these sacrificed at the same time. I have original copies of all my software but would like to minimise the inconvenience if at all possible

OAP Beginners guide would be appreciated.

  AlanHo 14:10 11 Jun 2003

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I did a thorough system virus scan but it came up negative.

I then tried scannow - but this had no affect so I did a repair of XP as detailed by JoeC. Again it has not cured the problems and System Restore still cannot be accessed. It's too early to tell whether the auto download or system freezes have been cured - but since the Restore feature isn't fixed then the indications are that the other problems probably remain.

It's looking like I need a full delete of Windows and a reinstall - for which I need the requested step-by-step guide.

  AlanHo 20:35 11 Jun 2003

Thanks for the thought. It seemed like a great idea - but I was not able to get through to Mesh by telephone and eventually sent an Email. Here is their response to my request for the information. Unfortunately, their FAQ's do not cover my problem - hence I am back at square one.

Dear Mesh Customer

Mesh Computers has a new support section on our website that offers FAQ's and other support to almost all queries you may have. This facility grows with every question asked as each new answer is included in the database available to you. If you do not find your answer in the FAQ, please use the facility provided to request assistance. To do this, you need to select HELPDESK and then REQUEST ASSISTANCE.

In light of this new service the email support is no longer the most appropriate place for you to come when you require out of hours or written support.

Please visit our website, click here and re-request assistance using the facility there. If you are having problems accessing the internet or anything that prevents your accessing our website, please email [email protected] If you can access the website but cannot login, or have forgotton your password, please email [email protected]

This email address will continue to be monitored but any queries that our website can advise on will now only be redirected to the website.

Please note that you will not receive another reply to the email you recently sent us. If your email was regarding problems that prevent you accessing our website, please re-submit your email to the relevant address.

Please note the new phone numbers for mesh services
Sales: 08700464747
Customer Services: 08700468340
Technical Support: 08700463636
Technical Services
Mesh Computers PLC

  AlanHo 18:28 12 Jun 2003

Thank you so much for your kind assistance - I have spent all day on the computer and have made good progress.

Without wishing to rain on our parade - I managed to contact the Mesh website Helpline as they suggested - sent them a message asking for the required step-by-step instructions and Bingo - within an hour they sent me an Email which detailed the same information you provided. They were very helpful - after the initial hurdle of course. However - we now know that if you want their help - contact them via the website which has a good FAQ data base. It's as easy as sending an Email.

I tried again to repair XP - but it did not cure the problems and I eventaully had to grudgingly format the C: drive as directed by the Mesh instructions and reloaded Windows from scratch. I was nervous because it was the first time I had attempted something so drastic but it proved to be easy. Even getting the Internet and Email working again and retrieving all my messages and address book went without problems. Phew !!!

The tough bit is now reloading all my software, testing my peripherals and downloading all the driver and software patches I need - I didn't realise I had accumulated so much. It looks as though I will have a busy week-end.

Thanks again for your help

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