reinstall windows ME with keyboard failure

  ria 10:21 23 Jul 2003

Can anyone tell me how I can reinstall windows ME when there is a keyboard failure and the mouse does not work? My daughter has a Tiny laptop and every time she turns it on it loads ok into windows but the keyboard and the mouse do not work. When it runs through it actually says ?keyboard failure?. As the keyboard does not work I cannot press any keys to get into safe mode or into the bios configuration to make windows load from the cd drive or read a start up floppy disk. With a different keyboard connected to the laptop it won?t start at all, it just makes plea ping noises.


  spikeychris 10:26 23 Jul 2003

Had the ame problem in the past. Check to see if any keys are pressed in, have you spilt anything on the board?


  Peverelli 10:30 23 Jul 2003

Have you plugged the mouse and keyboard into the correct sockets? I had this problem recently when the mouse and keyboard connections were the 'wrong way around' on my new motherboard. Swapping them over did the trick.

  spikeychris 10:38 23 Jul 2003

Peverelli, its a laptop so your good advise will probably not apply. ria if it comes down to it fitting a new notebook keyboard is a doddle.


  ria 10:48 23 Jul 2003

We have not spilled anything on the keyboard and I used the keyboard/mouse from my pc (everything works fine on that) to test the laptop.
Nevertheless there must be something wrong with the drivers on the laptop (hopefully and not the hardware), as they don?t work either. I was told the only thing to solve this problem is to reinstall windows, but how?


  spikeychris 11:07 23 Jul 2003

You can't. The reason why your external board isn't working is probably because it isn't configured in the BIOS. You could try a USB board.


  ria 11:42 23 Jul 2003

Don?t quite understand. I am not all that girded up on the hardware side of computers. I have got an USB hub on my PC, but the keyboard has not got a USB connection.


  spikeychris 11:58 23 Jul 2003

You could get a USB keyboard or a USB/PS2 converter.

  Peverelli 12:09 23 Jul 2003

Oops! Must read more carefully ;O)

  -pops- 14:28 23 Jul 2003

I think you have a dead or dying machine.

There seems little point in installing any version of Windows if the keyboard fails to work. Remember the basic functions of the keyboard are normally controlled from the BIOS. If these are not functioning there seems little hope for anything more complex (like an O/S) to work.

Even if you got it to work with an external keyboard, it's hardly convenient and defeats some of the main advantages of a laptop - small size and portability.


  ria 17:44 23 Jul 2003

As I mentioned before I do not know too much about the hardware side of computers so I don't understand why if it is a dying machine the computer loads perfectly all right into windows ME. Maybe it is corrupted drivers? I hope so, as my daughter is a student and cannot afford a new laptop.
So, is there a way to get into the bios to change the start up option to read from the cd drive first and to reinstall windows?


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