Reinstall windows downgrades to 32bit

  Koochy 21:21 01 May 2012

Hi all,

Long time no see, My father has just reinstalled his operating system from the recovery partition on his HDD BUT prior to this he had the 64bit operating system and now the version that installed is only 32bit. this would not be a problem normally but about 3 months ago he upgraded the RAM to 8GB and the 32bit system is only seeing/using 3.5gb of it (as expected) so 4.5GB is sitting wasting away. He retried the system reinstall from the recovery discs he created when he first bought the laptop but same 32bit sustem. The question i have is there anyway to upgrade it back to the 64bit system without buying a new set of discs?


  lotvic 21:56 01 May 2012

Suggest you try the recovery disks method once more and see if there is a choice between 32bit and 64bit. Seems strange if it came with 64bit that it has recovered to 32bit. The recovery disks made should have taken it back to how it was when first received.

Or You can Download and burn your own set of W7 from the official microsoft DigitalRiver links on Scroll down to the 2nd block and the English (USA) SP1 U (media refresh) version (x86 = 32bit and x64 = 64bit). You will have to use the product key on the sticker on the laptop and it will need activating this time over the telephone. You will also have to download from the manufacturers website the motherboard drivers and install them after you have installed W7 from the new DVD you burned. You can download the .iso onto any pc and burn to DVD to use on your father's laptop.

  Koochy 23:03 01 May 2012

lotvic, thank you for the quick response, i will try the reinstall again tomorrow and let you know how i get on


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