Reinstall Windows 98 second edition

  MYCOMAN 22:05 30 May 2004

The boot disc was used to reformat the hard drive. Now all that is required is the command phrase to install the O/S from the CD. Please advise accordingly.

  Cuddles 22:10 30 May 2004

D:\setup.exe, assuming D is your cd drive

  woodchip 22:26 30 May 2004

Start with the Win98 floppy disc, then choose start with CD-rom support at at:\ after it as loaded the Ram drive it will come back to A:\ you will have to chang to the Drive with the Win98se CD in but the CD-rom drive letter will have changed from what it was before you formatted the drive if it was D:\ it will have moved up one letter to E:\ do whatever the CD letter was you have to use the next letter up. So to start setup X will be the letter that as the CD-rom in it and it should be when you type

X:\Setup Do not forget you have to put the right letter in, in place of the letter X, then press enter to start when scandisk as run just press the real letter X and setup will start

  Tony uk 22:38 30 May 2004

Woodchip is correct as always,but may i just sugest if your that unsure of what your doing,
search on google for reinstalling win 98se and print off the complete document so if you run into any problems you've got something to work from.

it's always good to have something for reference just incase anything goes wqrong.

Just a sugestion

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