reinstall of win 98se

  ollie < one> 21:59 05 Jul 2003

hi all
i wish to format my hdd and reinstall win98se but having not done it for a long long time is there any sites where i can get the info i require ,

  nyx2k 22:18 05 Jul 2003

last time i did that i started in dos and formated the hard drive then loaded windows. yull need the cd drivers tho. but mine just worked from the 98se cd

  leo49 22:41 05 Jul 2003
  woodchip 22:42 05 Jul 2003

I will get you started. First put your Win98 Cd in the comp hold the shift key down until the CD light stopes flashing then put a clean Floppy disc in comp, go to Control Panel\Add Remove and make a start-up disc. Now start with the floppy disc in the comp if the floppy disc is the first boot device in the bios it should read the disc when it starts choose start without CD-rom support it will load to A:\> type FORMAT C: when it gives option to Y for yes click Y and enter key when it as formatted the disc at the End it asks for a volume just press enter it will bring you back to A:\ reboot with Floppy disc, this time choose start with CD-rom support, this is the tricky bit when it get's back to A:\> depending what your CD drive letter was in windows if it was D:\ it will be E:or if it was E:\ it will be F:\ and so on it moves temporary by one letter until you get windows loaded so type X:\ X being your CD letter then type setup with your win98 disc still in comp and press enter and follow instructions that follow to load windows

First step would be to back up any data that you want to keep, making sure that you have all the drivers, ie modem etc.

Next would be to make sure that you have a boot disk. If not you can make one by going to start menu/settings/control panel/add remove programs/ then select the start-up disk tab at the top, then follow the on screen messages.

Once you have a disk you can then shut the PC down insert the boot disk and switch on. The PC should then boot from the floppy. It'll then ask if you want to boot with CD support or not, select CD support. When finished the PC will be running in DOS and you'll be have a black screen showing the "A:\>" prompt.

To format the C: drive you type in; "format C:". Once formatted insert the win98 CD. Remembering that the boot disk loaded a RAM drive, probably to D: so your CD drive will probably be on E:

Select the "E" drive by typing "E:" once in the correct drive type in "setup". Win98 should then load.

Good luck!

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