Reinstall and reformat troubles

  User-8010E2E0-B7E8-4D23-AB7C92BE4D79C246 21:12 18 Dec 2003

My computer seemed to be having problems and I also noticed degrading peformance, so I decided to reformat the hard drive, and install Windows Xp (home) again. After having done this, I managed to get my Pc up and running. I realised there were 2 major problems.

Firstly, I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (V2) motherboard with double onboard LAN. after the reinstall, I could not locate these in my network connections, and could not access my network from my PC. I then installed the new nforce 3.13 patch. This seemed to locate one of the onboard connections (NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking controller), but no trace of the other one (3Com 3C920B-EMB Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller). I tried locating drivers for it, but to no avail. Even the nVidia controller which has been located keeps saying that the network cable is unplugged, even though all cables etc. have been plugged in properly. So can anyone tell me the answer to my woes? I have little computing knowledge, as you can see from my dilemma.

Secondly, my hard drive is a Maxtor 6Y160P0. This was advertised as 160 GB when sold and surely enough was 160 GB when I recieved the Pc. Ever since I have reinstalled Windows, the hard drive shows up as 125 GB total space. Can anyone tell me the answer to my problem?

  leo49 21:17 18 Dec 2003

The answer to the second is that in order for the full capacity to be recognised you need to install Maxtor Big Drive Overlay[download from Maxtor] and XP SP1

  leo49 21:25 18 Dec 2003

Sorry that Maxtor utility is called Big Drive Enabler.

Go to click here click Support, then Software Downloads and you'll find it in the dropdaon "select utility" section of the ATA drives.

The thing is, I have already done that but the drive still remains the same. when I try running the program again, it even tells me that support for 48 bit LBA is enabled. I guess I should have mentioned it before, my mistake.

Thanx for the quick reply though.

  leo49 21:37 18 Dec 2003

Oh.... I'll get my coat..... :o)

;)- If you must.....

(p.s. I don't really know what you mean by that!! lol)

  Chegs ® 23:10 18 Dec 2003

click here

click here

These are two of my threads recently about SATA + XP,I have finally got a stable-ish install of XP Home,by reformating with XP install cd,creating a 15gb -ish partition to carry OS.

Everytime I used Maxblast to format hdd,then installed XP to a partition,it lasted 3 hours before it crashed and refused to reboot/repair/format from cd.I then used PM8 to format the hdd(and started over reinstalling apps)which crashed after three days.I then formatted the hdd with Maxblast/PM and then reformatted again off cd before loading OS and this (although longwinded) resulted in a stable -ish install(I say -ish as its only been installed 4 days and I haven't fully updated it yet,as I keep getting long delays after reboot,which has me thinking its not gonna go again)

I don't seem to be having any stability problems with my system. My only concern is some 35GB of missing storage space. I've had mine up and running since 3 days without a single problem. If anyone else has any solutions, please do share.

Also, could you give some info about my first problem as well.


  Djohn 01:55 19 Dec 2003

themanwithapc, just a guess on this but are you certain the format went as intended? 35gb is too much of a loss and I'm wondering if you may still have some, or even all of your original setup still on the drive.

This would explain the loss of space and also maybe the problems you are having. I think you can expect to lose about 8 or 9gb in the method used to calculate the size of the drive, maybe a little more, but not 35gb. j.

  pnel 04:29 19 Dec 2003

I have the same ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (V2) motherboard as you. With it I received a NVIDIA nForce2 series CD. This had drivers for the NVIDIA network controller and the sound drivers. There is a seperate installer on this disk (accessible from the main menu) to install the 3Com Ethernet controller drivers.

If you don't have the driver CD try ASUS's web site.

Hope this helps.

  sierra 06:47 19 Dec 2003

I had the same problem as you. Go to click here and type in your motherboard number in the search box then click on europe and download the "all in one " drivers for the motherboard and the 3com lan. Extract the files to a folder. I had trouble at that point installing the 3com driver so I put it on to a Cdr and installed from there and all went perfectly.

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