Reinstall from external cd-rom

  g40 18:36 22 May 2005

Hi guys, i have a laptop with an external cd-rom drive (pcmcia) I would like to put windows 98 on it but i seem to be stuck as to how to get the PCM-CIA External drive recognised?
I have read a lot and there appears to be so much conflicting advice i am at a loss as to how to proceeed, any advice would be gratefully accepted, thanks, G

  Night Ryder 18:49 22 May 2005

What Op system is on the laptop at present?
If there is nothing on the laptop you will require a bootable floppy drive with CD-ROM drivers to see the drive.

If you have a genuine Win98 instalation disk you could also set the system BIOS to boot from CD-ROM drive first.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 22 May 2005

1. Check in BIOS if bootable from PCMCIA drive (probably not)

2.If not bootable then is machine fitted with floppy drive? You will need to make a windows98 bootable floppy with PCMIA drivers on to run external DVD.

3. Boot from floppy, run drivers, insert windows CD and run setup as normal

  Zeppelyn 19:00 22 May 2005

What exactly are you attempting to do ?

  g40 20:42 22 May 2005

Sorry for the delay in response.
The laptop has no data on the HD, its been wiped using fdisk. It has an external PCMCIA cd-rom (for which i have a floppy disk with driver).
I want to put win 98 on it. When i try to install win 98 "with cd-rom support" it says that there are no drivers available and the installation is cancelled. I understand that i can install the cr-rom using the floppy in DOS, but am unsure of the procedure.

  g40 16:09 25 May 2005

I got the thing started up with a windows 98 start-up disk, but then i attempted to install the external cd-rom using the file "dossetup" as supplied with the drive, but...the data on the floppy cannot be read , not by any PC, so i guess its back to the manufacturer to get the file. I think i'm going the right way about it, cheers, G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:42 25 May 2005

What make and model of CD you maybe able to download the drivers

  g40 12:40 26 May 2005

Hi, the drive is a "General CD PCMCIA 24 x CD-ROM" drive,i have scrutinised the box and the drive for further info but thats all there is, I searched the web and driver guide without success too, thanks for trying to help, G

  fitcher 22:20 26 May 2005

98 start up floppy disk sent to cd writer ?make cd ?

  g40 09:37 27 May 2005

Sorry but the entire info i have on the CD-ROM is posted above, its make by all accounts is "General".
Thats whats on the box and the CD-ROM itself. I cannot find the manufacturer on the web unfortunately!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 27 May 2005

Try this driverclick here

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