jim63 15:02 14 Oct 2009

Having problems with desktop and would like to do a restall of Vista. What do I need to do this

  sharpamat 15:32 14 Oct 2009

the first step is always to back up all your personal data and settings to external media.otherwise its lost. if you post details for your desktop and the problems you may avoid reinstalling

  ashleycardwell94 21:15 14 Oct 2009

sharpmat you are rong, when installing vista, it puts your orginal C: drive into a folder so you can access all of your documents called WINDOWS OLD, all you need it to open the C drive and find the folder, and copy and paste / move your documents.

  Zeppelyn 21:42 14 Oct 2009

Be careful with that last bit of advice as that implies you leave the drive intact. If you reformat the drive to reinstall then you will lose your data. Clean install being a better option really so as sharpamat advises, back up all your personal stuff first.

  jim63 21:44 14 Oct 2009

Where could I get a Vista disc at a reasonable price. How do I go about formatting hard drive and then install Vista

  lotvic 21:56 14 Oct 2009

If you didn't get a retail or oem disc supplied with pc and it came preinstalled then you probably have a Restore/Recovery (back to factory fresh settings) hidden partition on your pc.

Check on the PC tower for a sticker with the Product Key on (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)
xx = letters and numbers
[Do NOT post the key on here for all the world to see]

Please post your Make and Model of PC so we can advise accordingly on the Restore process.

  sharpamat 08:27 15 Oct 2009

ashleycardwell94 before telling people they are wrong I suggest I fully read the answer given.without details of the desktop and the problems. no full answer was given.

Backing up personal Data to an external media is always not only a first step but something that I always do regulary.

If this is a Restore to factory settings the information would NOT be saved in system old

Jim63 later posted he was looking to Format and clean install. again no system Old and no data saved

the first step should always be to back up all data

If the make of desktop and the problem are posted then advice can ge given

  jim63 13:11 15 Oct 2009

Packard Bell Istart F2310 A10 Found numbers on tower

  sharpamat 14:22 15 Oct 2009

Presume that you have not got a vista DVD so yours must have been preinstalled on your ststem.
click here this will take you to the correct area for your desktop to either restore or repair Dont forget before you do anything back up all your personal date

  jim63 15:14 15 Oct 2009

Unable to acess WinRe. Vista was preinstalled. One problem is to try and fix ethernet connection at back of pc

  lotvic 15:34 15 Oct 2009

If you've got it it is accessed:
‘Start’ > All Programs > Packard Bell - Security & Support > Smart Restore. This will bring up a menu to choose from.
Go to this Packard Bell click here
Download the 6995740401.pdf file and read from page 38 onwards.
Recovery Instructions from restore partition are on page 52 using 'Smart Restore'

Instructions on creating your own DVD Recovery Disc are on page 20.

Hope this helps.

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