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  ame 18:13 16 Feb 2010

I've recently noticed someone on here asking for advice on buying stuff every few weeks, and I'm beginning to wonder if they ever buy anything. On searching for their username, nothing is found, yet my own posts, and those of other regulars are found. Anyone know why that is? I don't see anything im My Profile to prevent the serach results appearing. Or am I just paranoid?!!

  ame 18:32 16 Feb 2010

Oh - just thought. Presumably the search is only picking up threads where the poster's name is in the text, and this person's name has not been typed into any of the responses. Darn it!

  OTT_B 18:36 16 Feb 2010

People can take a long time over buying (particularly) PC systems, and requirements and budgets change often.
I have to admit, it would be nice if more people gave specfic feedback as to the systems they finally settle on.

Did you have a specifc username in mind? Not sure why some names would be brought up on a search result and not others. Maybe it's only if their name is referenced in the text of a post???

  ame 18:41 16 Feb 2010

Don't want to give out the username - just wanted to look at recent posting history to see if they've actually bought anything at all.

  Sea Urchin 18:44 16 Feb 2010

To find all posts by author/poster type the following into a Google search


substituting the username you wish to find

  GaT7 19:31 16 Feb 2010

Oh no! Guilty as charged. G

  ame 20:31 16 Feb 2010

Thanks, Sea Urchin - that seemed to work but the results aren't too user-friendly to look at. Never mind - no big deal. I was just curious to see the outcome of their recent posts over the last few months as I had offered advice a couple of times but ignored their later posts as I reckoned I would be wasting my time. Cheers.

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