Regular connect / disconnect Belkin USB Adapter

  Stonechatz 00:40 23 Feb 2006

Why? I have phoned Belkin support, and they suggest it is a fault with the WPA encryption ... I got the MS patch for the problem, but no change. The cycle of connect / disconnect is regular 5 seconds and 5 seconds! With no encryption, and no firewall, the problem remains ...

  tammirrockstar 02:20 23 Feb 2006

Did you by chance talk to a man that had an arib accent? I talked to him earier regarding my belkin network. We can get on the internet and that works fine, but we can't print at the printer. Got any suggestions

  drewbs 19:38 27 Feb 2006

I would suggest this is a USB problem , although I am not sure how to resolve it!

My adaptor worked fine for a few weeks permanenttly connected to a USB port. It then started doing the connect/disconnect thing and I changed to another USB port where it only wanted to work at 11 mbs, although the port is USB 2. Only by completely uninstalling the belkin software and after several reboots I managed to convince it that it was on a USB 2 port. However, Windows now detects it as new hardware whenever I first boot up but if I reintall it, it goes back to the useless 11 mbs and I have to System Restore to get it working. Now, I just reboot the system after first booting up but sometimes it takes 3 or for goes before it is properly detected and even then I am occasionally getting the 5 second connect/disconnect scenario.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is that maybe we are trying to draw too much power (I have a 300 watt psu)? It could be significant that the latest connect/disconnect was when my usb printer was in use.....

  ade.h 20:08 27 Feb 2006

Drewbs - 11Mbits per sec is a clue; that's the handshake speed of 802.11b (802.11g runs at 54Mbps) so the adapter may well think that it is running on an 11b network.

I don't know why people put themselves through the wringer by using USB adapters. PCMCIA cards are naturally not as straightforward as an onboard chip, but they are a big improvement over the frequently problematic USB adapters.

  Stonechatz 20:11 04 Mar 2006

... someone once said could be the fault. AOL have upgraded me from 512kb to 1mb/second - and someone on another tech-help board pointed out that the speed increase could be what is causing the dropouts ... ?

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