With regret

  Forum Editor 18:44 07 Jan 2003
  Forum Editor 18:44 07 Jan 2003

I have to inform you that we have decided to close the Gamesroom. We had high hopes for it when we first launched, but unfortunately these haven't become a reality. There just haven't been enough people viewing or posting in that area of the forum, and after a considerable amount of soul searching we have decided to discontinue the Gamesroom with immediate effect. It had become a drain on our resources, and we have decided to focus on the very successful Helproom and Consumerwatch areas.

Our thanks to those of you who did their best to make it work - we hope you'll stay with the forum in other areas.

  spikeychris 18:50 07 Jan 2003

I SINCERELY hope my last post played no part in this. I'm sure it hasn't as I doubt PCA would make such a fast decision. I never went there but sad to see it go.


  Quiller. 18:50 07 Jan 2003

I am sorry to hear this. I must hold my hand up and say that I have only visited twice.

Not being a gamer I found little use for it.

I feel sorry for all those who visit it regularly and contribute to it.

A sad day for gamers, everywhere.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 18:53 07 Jan 2003

Well, what can I say, thanks for forewarning us?

I came to PCA for some computer related help and just kind of drifted towards the Gamesroom as it was a more natural place for a gamer like me. True it was a lot quieter than the other two rooms, but we’d just acquired a freebie gaming server (via Barrysworld) so we could have a fixed place for our online killing sprees (it’s all perfectly healthy you understand), and from there maybe we could have built on the hardcore gamers. But then… maybe not…

I understand you choice, and hope that it makes the site less error prone and faster flowing.

So long people, twas fun.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:55 07 Jan 2003

Curses! I had just asked my first question in there. :-))))


  AshW 18:56 07 Jan 2003

Ah, so sad...we were few in number, but valiant in spirit. Still, we have our IRC channel:


And anyone wishing to post about C&C or other games can do so at the CNCSeries forums - click here - although IMHO, the GamesRoom will never be replaced, and the Helproom is the No.1 resource for computer troubles I've found. We can now turn to aiding network adapter failures rather than failing missions ;)

I respect your decision, comparatively, it was quiet to Helproom and ConsumerWatch, and decisions have to be made.

See everyone on IRC hopefully :)


  Quiller. 18:58 07 Jan 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>. Is this why they are shuting it down. lol

How's the wife, any better. regards

  bvw in bristol 19:00 07 Jan 2003

Well said son.

  nangadef 19:05 07 Jan 2003

Perhaps you could replace it with a 'Website Room' as there seems to be a growing demand from contributors asking for advice on the design of their websites.

  two00lbwaster 19:06 07 Jan 2003

hm and no access to the posts in there either for our records dammit soe of the stuff in there i refered to regularly :-(

im very sad about this. though you missed the post i was to post in my thread i opened about the gamesroom. server error then when i went back it was gone :¬(

anyway i was bassically saying that it wasnt surprising how many ppl go there due to the fact that the main members in the forum that responded to the servay that you did a while back were older than your average gamer age and thus i would say that it wasnt all that supprising.

well anyway the games room goes the same way as the lounge and the virtual pc forum and subsequent posts there in :¬(

im sure you'll be forming another forum at some point you just seem to be going through the various options availible to you and seeing what is usefull or sticks

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