'Registryfix' for solving some pc problems!

  Ted-319069 20:05 28 Jan 2006

A colleauge has used this s/w and feels that it was well worth the $49 to download the full programme.
Before taking the plunge I wondered if anybody else had tried this and what your views are?
Many thanks

  stalion 20:08 28 Jan 2006

have not tried it and if your pc is running ok do you need it?

  SANTOS7 20:12 28 Jan 2006

agree with stalion, if your machine is housekept well with all the free software progs available i would say its not worth it.

  PaulB2005 20:12 28 Jan 2006

Probably several freeware programs out there that will do the job just as well if not better.

  PaulB2005 20:13 28 Jan 2006

If it's this click here

Then i wouldn't pay. Probably several freeware programs out there that will do the job just as well if not better.

  rdave13 20:15 28 Jan 2006

Use it often and quite happy with its results. The backup system is very good should something happen to your registry.

Still there are free reg fix programs available.
No doubt other forum members will enlighten you.

  Stowit 20:15 28 Jan 2006

Just read this, a friend put registry mechanic on my Pc & when it's run it tells me it's fixed 30+ things. I didn't know they were broken, & it hasn't fixed any of my 'real problems' yet

  SANTOS7 20:26 28 Jan 2006

"I just wanted to let ya'll know that your program is GREAT. I have had my computer for less than 6 months and there were 779 problems found. WOW!!!!! Great going and keep it up."
statement taken from one of the testimonials, if your PC encounters that many probs in 6 months there is something seriously wrong with it, eliminate the probs beforehand with some good housekeeping getting rid of unwanted progs deleteing old files temp or otherwise, be a bit more selective where you point your PC when online. save your money and spend it on something you really want......

  Ted-319069 21:40 28 Jan 2006

Hi PaulB2005
Yes it is!

  Ted-319069 21:49 28 Jan 2006

Many thanks to you all for your responses.
The reason that I am considering this S/W is my ongoing problems.
I have done all the usual things:
*Re-installed 'ME'(Three times)
*Removed no longer used progs
But without success
Some of you referred to 'other' programmes - please advise.

  VoG II 21:52 28 Jan 2006

click here is free, very good and difficult to make a cock-up with:

* Click 'RegscrubXP Finds Problems'
* Let it scan
* Click 'Select All Problems'
* Click 'Fix Selected Problems'
* Click 'Exit'

Job done!

If you want something a bit more powerful then JV16PowerTools click here

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